Attacks in Ferguson disrupt daily life

Events taking place in Ferguson, Arkansas have been making headlines in newspapers all over the United States for the past month.

On Aug. 9, a cop received a call over a theft occurring in a convenience store.
That day the cop came across a boy who fit the description of the robber that had on reported to him. Events occurring during the encounter between the boy and the cop have differed between the individuals

According to New York, some witnesses say the boy punched the officer in the face. Other witnesses say the suspect never moved toward the cop at all.

The story has changed, but the ending result has not. Michael Brown, a 18 year old unarmed teenager was shot and killed by Officer Wilson.

Ferguson held a candlelight vigil to honor Brown on Aug. 10, which began as a peaceful memorial, but soon turned into a violent protest.

That night, USA stated that more than a dozen businesses were vandalized and looted and over

30 people were arrested that night, along with 2 cop injuries.
On Aug. 11, the first day of school was cancelled for safety of the children that could be walking that day. A large amount of death threats in relation to the shooting of Brown were said to be received by the police.

USA said Brown’s mother released a statement that day stating, “I would not want them to get out there and use my son’s situation for their personal violence. That is not what I want them to do. We are out there marching for justice for my son and peace for my family.”

Although the parents of Brown told the public they did not want their son’s death to be the cause for rioting, rioting continued to break out in Ferguson.

Along with Brown’s mother, President Barack Obama also spoke about the events in Ferguson to the public.

“I know the events of the past few days have prompted strong passions, but as details unfold, I urge everyone in Ferguson, Missouri, and across the country, to the remember this young man through reflection and understanding. We should comfort each other and talk with one another in a way that heals, not in a way that wounds,” Obama said.

On Aug. 24, Brown’s funeral was held where over 100 friends and family members gathered to view his body. The family hoped for peace on this day.

“All I want is peace while my son is being laid to rest,” Michael Brown Sr. said.
Sept. 26 was the day Officer Darren Wilson testified before the grand jury.
On Oct. 10, a four day peaceful protest began during the investigation of Brown’s death.
Waiting for the grand jury’s decision, Brown Sr. preaches peaceful protest while the people wait for the outcome.

An advocacy group, St. Louis Forward, posted a video featuring Brown’s father continuously saying that violence is not the answer no matter what happens. The decision was made by the grand jury on Nov. 24, declining indictment of the shooting and killing of Brown.

Despite what Brown’s father said, the protests have continued after the decision by the jury.
According to NBC News, the President plans to meet with young civil rights leaders, politicians, and law enforcement from around the country to build trust between the community and the police.

President Barack Obama said, “Recent events in Ferguson, Missouri and around the country have shone a spotlight on the importance of strong, collaborative relationships between local police and the communities they protect and serve.”


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