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Cleveland Browns to play Baltimore Ravens in divisional game

By Declan Ange

On Nov. 30, the Cleveland Browns host the Baltimore Ravens in a divisional battle and have hopes to defeat the Ravens for the second time this year.

The Browns are having an absolutely terrible season this year sitting at a 2-8 season record and a 1-2 divisional record. The only two teams the Browns have defeated this year are two of few teams worse than them, the Ravens and the Tennessee Titans.

The Browns have had two different quarterbacks this year. The first being Josh McCown, and the second starter, who was previously named starter for the rest of the season, Johnny Manziel. When McCown started, the Browns had only won one game and lost six. Under Manziel, the Browns have won one and lost three.

The Browns are not the only team struggling this year. The Ravens are having a rough seasons as well. Baltimore has a record of 2-7, putting them ahead of the Browns in the divisional ranking, due to the Ravens already having their bye week.

These two teams happen to have a prime time game scheduled which should be a fun one to watch. The Browns have already defeated the struggling Ravens this year; therefore putting the odds in the Browns’ favor.

The first game was a close one as it went into overtime. The Browns won on a game winning field goal and the final score was 33-30. Both teams seemed to play well, putting up at least 30 points each.

The game on Monday night will not be a very popular game for people to watch, but it could be a key game for the Browns. If the Browns win a primetime game televised for all to watch, it may create a spark. The Browns need to come back and be a team with an 8-8 record.


Browns release ‘new’ logo

Cleveland sports fans are used to being let down. Until the return of LeBron James, Clevelanders have been getting one mediocre season after another.

After a 7-9 season from the Browns, football aficionados saw many positives from the team. At Week 10, the team was 6-3 and leading the AFC North conference. The last leg of the year the Browns lost six of their last seven games.

When the regular season ended, the management announced the release of a new logo. Most Browns fans throughout Ohio thought it would be either the infamous Brownie the Elf or the bulldog.

The Browns did not have a definite logo. They had the helmet, the bulldog and Brownie. Finally after all the confusion the Browns would have one for sure logo. One new, fresh logo. That was not the case.

For anyone who does not know the look of the 2014 Browns season logo, it was a basic football helmet with a pale orange crown with brown and white stripes from front to back and a very light grey facemask. The 2014 Dog Pound logo is a mean-looking, orange bulldog with a brown shadow on the bottom of its face.

Browns fans were ready for something new, and on Tues, Nov. 24 they were going to get it. A new logo for the team they are so fanatic about.

The new logo for the 2015 Browns is the same basic helmet, a slightly brighter orange crown, same brown and white stripe with a brown face mask.

The excitement does not stop there. The new Dog Pound logo is a very feminine looking bulldog, with no definitive head outline with the words “DAWG POUND” under it.

As a Browns fan, this really angers me. It is not as much the new logo. I am fine with the fine tune. The fact that they said it was a new logo, and even worse than that is that they tried to play it off like its some new great thing is what angered me.

According to, “The orange is brighter and richer and matches the passion of our fans and city, the brown is unchanged.”

If that was not enough, they have a new font. They said, “The contemporary redesigned wordmark is simplistic and utilizes a stronger, bolder font,”

The great and new Browns logo is a brighter orange, brown facemask and a bolder font. Yet another let down from Cleveland Browns football.

New England Patriots crush legacy with new allegations

     The New England Patriots’ dynasty may officially be tarnished due to new allegations.
     On Sun., Jan. 18, the Patriots were set to play the Colts at home in Fox borough, Massachusetts. During the game, Tom Brady, Patriots quarterback, threw an interception to D’quell Jackson. Jackson noticed that the ball felt softer and lighter than a normal football. Game officials were alerted of this at half time of this under inflation.
     The Patriots now stand accused of deflating footballs during the AFC championship game. The Colts organization was even alerted by the Ravens, the previous team the Patriots played. They warned the Colts about New England’s potential doctoring of the football.
     Each and every NFL quarterback receives 12 balls before each game. They can then do what they want to them to break them in to their liking before the game. However, Deflating the football is illegal because it makes the football easier to catch and throw, especially in rainy conditions. The referees check the footballs before the game and then give them back to the team.
     How then could the New England Patriots have pulled this off? No one is absolutely certain how they did it, but they do know that it was done. ESPN investigators discovered that of the 12 balls, 11 of them were under inflated by 2 lbs. each.
     New England is now threatened by fines to both head coach Bill Belichick and All pro quarterback Tom Brady. The team also faces a potential loss of draft picks in the upcoming draft. Despite overwhelming evidence that the Patriots did deflate footballs, they continue to deny it.
     According to, Tom Brady said, “I didn’t alter the ball in any way. Everybody is trying to figure out what happened. I was as surprised as anybody on when I heard Monday morning what was happening.”
     Nobody in the Patriots organization seems to know what is happening, despite their history of cheating.
     Bill Belichick is one of the greatest coaches in NFL history and he is very good at cheating. In 2007, the Patriots were caught illegally filming a the New York Jets defensive hand signals. Before “Spy Gate” in 2007, the Patriots had won three super bowls, creating a dynasty. Belichick was fined $500,000 and the team has not won a super bowl since.
     It seems as though the only way the Patriots succeed is through cheating. The Patriots have returned to the super bowl for the first time sine 2011 despite being in the two previous AFC championship games. The organization made a connection that when they cheat, they succeed. Belichick’s legacy is in question because of his constant compromises to the integrity of the game of football.
         Due to these allegations, the Patriots are under fire once again. Their legacy has become tarnished and a tarnished legacy, is not really a legacy at all.

Superbowl XLIX stats and predictions

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Green Bay Packers, advancing them to Super Bowl 49. Later in the same day, the New England Patriots defeated the Indianapolis Colts, which sent them to the Super Bowl to face off against the Seahawks.

The big game is set to take place in Arizona on Feb. 1. Both teams get an extra week of preparation before it is all left on the line. The fact of the matter is that Tom Brady and the Patriots could get three weeks of preparation and they will still not be ready for the Seahawks, and this will be proven in a Seahawks victory.

It is not just the Seahawks feared defense that will beat the Patriots: it is their much underrated offense. Russell Wilson simply does not say the game is over until he wants it to be. This act was put on display in the NFC Championship game vs the Packers. To say the least, Wilson played horribly, throwing four interceptions, and according to, the Seahawks had a 3.9% chance of winning with 5:04 left in regulation; however, with a little magic and possibly some luck, Wilson and company came away with the earned victory.

I am not saying that Seattle will dominate New England like they did last year against Manning and the Broncos, but I am saying they will win, and I am very confident in saying that. Brady is not washed up. Belicheck is still one of the best coaches to ever live. So why am I counting out the Pats so confidently?

In ten starts against Super Bowl winning quarterbacks, Russell Wilson boasts a—you guessed it—perfect 10-0 record; however, come Feb.1, when the confetti rains down blue and green in Glendale, he will be 11-0. The Seahawks will also be victorious because of a quiet and very misunderstood running back by the name of Marshawn Lynch. All Lynch has done is run for 1306 yards and 13 touchdowns during the regular season.

At the end of the day, the Patriots have still earned the right to play the Seahawks and have many of threats on their team. The only way the Patriots have a chance to win is with man coverage and have a linebacker spy Wilson.

This time last year, most people took their bets on the Broncos high-powered offense defeating the young Seahawks team, which was followed up with a 43-8 Seattle victory. While the Patriots and Broncos are different teams, they are built the same. The only differences are that Brady does not have the weapons Manning had, and the Patriots defense is slightly better. Offense wins game, and like many do not understand, defense wins championships.

If you do not wish to know the final score of Super Bowl 49, stop reading. Spoiler alert, the Seahawks will beat the Patriots 23-17 in Glendale Arizona.