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NFL athletes kneel as a protest against President Trump

 By: Elora Nicholas / Staff Writer

     NFL players throughout the past week have been dealing with the wrath of President Trump. Trump has been giving speeches and has been speaking his opinion about the kneeling of the players.

    The first player to kneel during the national anthem was Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49ers. Kaepernick has said he sat and kneeled during the anthem because he refuses to show honor to a country that oppresses black people and people of color. His action caused much controversy among fans and others not impacted by the NFL.

    In recent news, players have started doing this action again for the same reasons stated before. This past Sunday the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, and many other teams showed their stand against their right.

    Throughout the league, players, coaches and owners decided what was best for the team.

    Trump took to Twitter to say the kneeling was unacceptable.

    President Trump has been expressing his viewpoint towards the players’ behavior. He believes players who disrespect the flag should be fired from their team. However, he supported those players who chose to lock arms due to the showing of “solidarity.”

    The Oakland Raiders offensive line is the only line in the NFL made up entirely of African-American players, all chose to kneel during the national anthem joined by their team. The team hosting, Washington Redskins, chose to link arms on their side of the field. The act was shown as one of the strongest visual display of a protest today.

    Coach Jack Del Rio of the Raiders said the players would have rather stayed in the locker room, but it would have likely delayed game time.

    All protests were a viewing of solidarity against the criticism of President Trump.

    The players within each team had their own personal view of why they knelt during Sunday’s game. Most of their opinions all looped back around to their disagreeing with the president. Each player felt that if they would have stood, it would have shown support towards Trump.

    Some players even chose to celebrate a touchdown in a certain way. Odell Beckham Jr. raised his fist after scoring, a protest done by black athletes dated back to the 1960s.

    The controversy of this situation continues to expand day by day, what will our president say next? Will the players continue these actions? Viewers will see as the season continues. 

Ohio State to face Notre Dame

By Anthony Chmielewski

Bowl season has arrived in college football and that means throughout late December there will be a full slate of games to watch. Ohio State, who is ranked 7th, will face off against one of the most prestigious football programs, Notre Dame, on Jan. 1 in the Battlefrog Fiesta Bowl.

While Ohio State certainly had its sights set on the crashing the college football playoff two years in a row, playing in the Fiesta Bowl is not too much of a letdown. Although the Buckeyes wanted to make the playoff, they only have themselves to blame as they lost their biggest game of the year against Michigan State with a lackluster performance.

“We did this to ourselves type of deal. We beat Michigan State, then the Team Up North, we’re not even having this conversation, you know what I’m saying?” Quarterback J.T. Barrett said according to

Ohio State has a tough task trying to defeat Notre Dame who currently sits one spot behind the Buckeyes in the rankings. Head coach Urban Meyer seems to always prepare his teams for the big games as he did last year in the playoff when the underdog Buckeyes knocked off both Alabama and Oregon.

One of the toughest things for the Buckeyes to do is stay focused while preparing for the game as it seems half the team is ready to go to the NFL. The players already have a national championship on their resume, and may have their focus on preparing for the draft rather than the Fiesta Bowl.

Ohio State will have a very good chance of winning if they fall back on what they do best which is running the ball with one of the best NFL prospects, Ezekiel Elliott. The one game the Buckeyes lost was in large due to the fact Elliott only had twelve carries which is unacceptable for someone so talented. Elliott and his teammates believed he was snubbed from the Heisman trophy won by Alabama running back Derrick Henry. One should expect a big game from Elliott as he tries to prove the doubters wrong in what will be his last game in a Buckeye uniform.

The Buckeyes’ defense will also have to step it up a notch against the very good offensive line from Notre Dame. Ohio State defensive lineman Adolphus Washington has been suspended for the bowl game meaning players like star defensive back Joey Bosa will need to have a big game.

Overall, one can expect an enjoyable, hard fought game as both teams will try to prove the playoff committee made a mistake not picking them. It will likely be an emotional game for some players from both teams will be headed to the draft or graduating after their last game with their respective teams.

On New Year’s day and throughout late December and early January, there will be many fun and enjoyable matchups to watch this year as bowl season is finally here.

Cavs start season swinging

By Anthony Chmielewski

 The Cleveland Cavaliers have been on a roll through the first month of the NBA season, led by superstar LeBron James. The Cavs currently sit atop the eastern conference at 13-4, and have the third best record in the league, only trailing San Antonio (14-3), and Golden State (18-0).

    Cleveland came into this season with high hopes of winning their franchise’s first ever championship. The Cavs have shown throughout the first month of the season that they are for real. Many people expected them to come out slow to start the season due to the absences of Iman Shumpert, and Kyrie Irving. Instead the Cavs have come out in full throttle, playing with a chip on their shoulders because of last years finals loss.

    Even with the third best record in the league, forward LeBron James does not think that his squad is living up to its full potential. According to, he held a players only meeting, questioning some of the players’ effort on the court.

    “It’s all mindset,” James says “It comes from within. I’ve always had it; my upbringing had it like that. It’s either you got it or you don’t.”

    James also said that the defending champion Warriors, who have started the season with a historic 18-0 record, look hungrier than the Cavs even though they won it all last year.

    A big part of Cleveland’s early season success has to be credited to different role players stepping up. Point guard Mo Williams has been a valuable temporary replacement for Irving. Backup small forward Richard Jefferson has stepped in to give James some well earned rest during the games. The Cavs have many players who have answered the call to step in so far this year.

    Cleveland has looked unstoppable at home in “The Land” this year. They are now 9-0 at home, thanks to James, as he hit a game winner in their last game against Brooklyn.

    The Cavs have looked strong this season and can only get better when the are at full strength. Their season is a championship or bust, and it will be difficult, but they are ready to deliver Cleveland its first sports championship in over 50 years.

Cleveland Browns to play Baltimore Ravens in divisional game

By Declan Ange

On Nov. 30, the Cleveland Browns host the Baltimore Ravens in a divisional battle and have hopes to defeat the Ravens for the second time this year.

The Browns are having an absolutely terrible season this year sitting at a 2-8 season record and a 1-2 divisional record. The only two teams the Browns have defeated this year are two of few teams worse than them, the Ravens and the Tennessee Titans.

The Browns have had two different quarterbacks this year. The first being Josh McCown, and the second starter, who was previously named starter for the rest of the season, Johnny Manziel. When McCown started, the Browns had only won one game and lost six. Under Manziel, the Browns have won one and lost three.

The Browns are not the only team struggling this year. The Ravens are having a rough seasons as well. Baltimore has a record of 2-7, putting them ahead of the Browns in the divisional ranking, due to the Ravens already having their bye week.

These two teams happen to have a prime time game scheduled which should be a fun one to watch. The Browns have already defeated the struggling Ravens this year; therefore putting the odds in the Browns’ favor.

The first game was a close one as it went into overtime. The Browns won on a game winning field goal and the final score was 33-30. Both teams seemed to play well, putting up at least 30 points each.

The game on Monday night will not be a very popular game for people to watch, but it could be a key game for the Browns. If the Browns win a primetime game televised for all to watch, it may create a spark. The Browns need to come back and be a team with an 8-8 record.