Super Bowl should be treated as national holiday

The Super Bowl is one of most important events in modern American culture, and advertisers spend millions on commercials and marketing leading up to the Super Bowl.

Almost every American watches the game or attends a Super Bowl party of some sort on the first Sunday night in February. Even individuals who do not regularly watch football stay up late to enjoy the big game.

An event as large as the Super Bowl is obviously more important to many than some holidays. If the Super Bowl is as important as a holiday, why should it not be recognized as one? The Super Bowl already has traditions surrounding it such as eating wings, throwing parties, the halftime show and funny commercials. Animal lovers even have the Puppy Bowl to look forward to every year.

With all of the festivities on Sunday night, Monday is always a challenge for many. The game itself commonly ends around 11:30 p.m. but celebrations, the MVP announcement and trophy presentation can go on until 12:30 or later.

Almost everyone stays up for these festivities, so Monday is always somewhat of a wasted day. Teachers and students alike are exhausted from the night before and do not have any desire to be at school the next day. Parents do not want to wake up early to take their kids to school the next day. Employees of other businesses and companies are sleep deprived and do not accomplish much on that Monday.

Simply put, nobody gets anything done on Super Bowl Monday. It is a day that is miserable for millions of people nationwide. The Monday after the Super Bowl is characterized by groans of exhaustion from football fans across the country.

The Super Bowl clearly deserves to be treated as a national holiday. Super Bowl Monday should be a day for people to rest and stay home with family and friends.



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