Cleveland Browns to play Baltimore Ravens in divisional game

By Declan Ange

On Nov. 30, the Cleveland Browns host the Baltimore Ravens in a divisional battle and have hopes to defeat the Ravens for the second time this year.

The Browns are having an absolutely terrible season this year sitting at a 2-8 season record and a 1-2 divisional record. The only two teams the Browns have defeated this year are two of few teams worse than them, the Ravens and the Tennessee Titans.

The Browns have had two different quarterbacks this year. The first being Josh McCown, and the second starter, who was previously named starter for the rest of the season, Johnny Manziel. When McCown started, the Browns had only won one game and lost six. Under Manziel, the Browns have won one and lost three.

The Browns are not the only team struggling this year. The Ravens are having a rough seasons as well. Baltimore has a record of 2-7, putting them ahead of the Browns in the divisional ranking, due to the Ravens already having their bye week.

These two teams happen to have a prime time game scheduled which should be a fun one to watch. The Browns have already defeated the struggling Ravens this year; therefore putting the odds in the Browns’ favor.

The first game was a close one as it went into overtime. The Browns won on a game winning field goal and the final score was 33-30. Both teams seemed to play well, putting up at least 30 points each.

The game on Monday night will not be a very popular game for people to watch, but it could be a key game for the Browns. If the Browns win a primetime game televised for all to watch, it may create a spark. The Browns need to come back and be a team with an 8-8 record.


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