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High ACT scores can be achieved with patience and preparation

     One’s entire future based off of one test may seem like a ridiculous statement at first glance, but throughout the world peoples’ college selections and career choices are affected tremendously by their ACT score.

    Another round of the ACT was completed at Stow high school on October 22, 2016 from 8am-12pm. Students from many different schools came to take the test at Stow because they are only able to be taken at certain places on certain days.

According to, ACT scores have dropped in 2016. The composite score of 21 in 2015 has now dropped to a 20.8. The major difference is in the subject of english with an average score of 20.1 so far in 2016, as the average score in 2015 was 20.4.

    According to, in 1959 the ACT was created by Everett Franklin Lindquist. His primary goal in making it was to have it be a competitor with the SAT standardized test; however, he wanted his test to be more focused on material actually learned in schools.

    The stress of taking a test that can decide a person’s future can be quite overwhelming. There are a few tips that a person can use to help improve their score.

    The first tip is to make sure to fill in all answers. According to, answers are not graded for correctness only, so it is important to answer all questions, even if it means guessing. Making an educated guess is better than automatically getting a question wrong for leaving it blank.

    It is also important to take the ACT more than once. Some people who are very smart are able to get perfect scores on their first try, but this is a very rare occasion. Taking the ACT multiple times may help a person become more familiar with the format of the test and the timing allowed for each section.

    Sleep and well balanced meals are two categories often overlooked in regular life and also in preparing the night before and morning of the ACT. Sleep is necessary so that a person’s body can be energized and alert during the entire test. A well balanced breakfast can help give the brain energy so it can be at its full potential throughout the test.

    The next ACT test date is scheduled for December 10, 2016, and the last registration deadline is November 4, 2016. The ACT can be very stressful to take, but with practice and focus it can become just another test to try and ace.


Fast food is not beneficial to teenagers

Many students find themselves at a struggle to figure out what they want to eat. Most of the time, they turn toward food they can receive extremely fast and buy at a low cost. Known as fast food, this industry makes a fortune off of high school students.

A leading cause in fast food consumption comes from the availability of the amount of restaurants. From one’s house to the school in which he attends, there are numerous fast food restaurants which have  a variety of different types of food.

Restaurants located in high traffic areas tend to receive more business. The reason behind this may seem obvious, but what people do not know is that teenagers accumulate a lot of profit for the restaurants.

Students can get fast food on their way home from school. This makes franchises eager to be able to place their restaurant near a high school because they know that teens will somehow be persuaded to eat frequently at that location.

Friends can suggest to meet up at places and hang out while grabbing a quick bite to eat. This makes the burden of spending money repeatedly on food less harsh than it normally is. Students often find themselves meeting fellow classmates up at a restaurant and studying for an upcoming test or just to talk about school.

“Since Moe’s is right around the corner, my friends and I go there after school sometimes and hang out and eat,” sophomore Thomas McLaughlin said.

Another reason why teenagers find themselves out to eat is because of the fact that many do not know how to cook a proper meal. Other than using the microwave, toaster, and oven, most teens are too lazy to make a home cooked meal.

Students’ lack of knowledge in the kitchen can lead to many more problems than spending money. Over consumption of fast food will eventually lead to obesity, which then leads into many more health problems, and eventually death. Not to say fast food is not good for a change, but students should try and become more educated in the kitchen so they will not be dependent on fast food later in life.

In high school, a health class could be implemented to discuss the effects of overconsumption of fast food because when the problem arises that one eats too much junk food, he might not be able to see that in himself, and would need someone or something else to help identify the problem.  

Fast food may be fast, but down the road, the one eating too much fast food may not be fast anymore.  

Valentine’s Day brings mixed feelings

The aftermath of Valentine’s Day can have some people questioning their relationship status.

While some people are out on dates, getting each other stuffed animals, chocolates, roses or balloons, others are sitting at home by themselves playing video games, snacking, watching TV or hanging out with their own friends.

“While everyone else is out doing things and having plans, I just end up sitting at home playing video games in my room all day,” senior David Hall said.

Some of the people who do not go on a date with a significant other can sometimes feel left out.

“Valentine’s Day does make make feel left out a little bit, but I have gotten used to it,” Hall said.

Feeling left out on Valentine’s Day may be due to the constant advertisement in stores, on TV or in schools on around and on holiday. Commercials, posters and propaganda are everywhere telling people they need to go on a date or find a date with someone.

“What makes me feel left out the most on Valentine’s Day is the necessity that exists in our culture today of having a boyfriend or girlfriend,” Hall said.

This constant advertisement of the holiday may leave some people questioning their status and if they really should find a significant other they can call theirs.

Other people find the holiday annoying and tacky. Some couples decide to just stay home and order pizza because they don’t find Valentine’s Day amusing.

One may find himself wondering if Valentine’s Day is really a day to celebrate love or to point out he does not have a significant other yet.

“I don’t feel left out [on Valentine’s Day] because, personally, I don’t need anyone to make me happy,” senior Kayla Esterle said.

While some people are feeling left out on Valentine’s Day, other may feel like the opposite. They might think they do not need anyone to make them happy as they are happy with themselves.

Teenagers turning to DIY remedies for acne and skincare

Every teen goes through blemishes and acne at least once in their teen years, and for most it is an everyday occurrence, but there are many different ways to prevent blemishes from forming.

Acne can occur from almost anything including stress all the way to genetics, and there are often multiple ways to treat different forms. Different forms of acne include whiteheads, blackheads, nodules and cysts, all of which are caused by multiple reasons, and there are both natural ways and hacks to get rid of it or reduce it in a short amount of time.

The easiest way to prevent acne is to take care of both the body and mind, meaning washing the face with mild soap or face wash regularly, eating right and drinking plenty of water. By doing these things it naturally reduces the buildup of toxins in the body and lets the body get rid of waste naturally without breaking out the skin.  

If the acne comes from another reason, such as a hormonal imbalance, it may be best to meet with a doctor and speak about the possibility of medications that would work better than a face wash and healthy living.

Many different face washes out there offer the same thing: clear skin and a happy body, but they are not for everyone and work for different body and skin types. For example, the X-Out seen on TV will not work for everyone as everyone is different and each body requires different strengths and ingredients that the skin will react and work best with.

Many people who struggle with acne often turn to “skin hacks” to treat and manage acne. Hundreds of different hacks can be found simply by typing it into Google. These hacks range from very simple tricks that require one or two ingredients to DIY face washes that can be made almost like a cake in a kitchen. Simple hacks may include placing ice, lemon, toothpaste, and even honey onto the affected blemish and holding it there for anywhere from a few seconds to overnight according to

Do it yourself acnes treatments often have simple ingredients that are available in the household or at the local stores, and often can be cheaper, more effective alternatives to store bought washes and scrubs. Natural remedies are also very popular in the day and age as people now are concerned about what goes in their bodies.

A face wash that is both DIY and natural, according to, has cinnamon powder, honey, turmeric, and lemon and is applied in the paste form onto the face for fifteen to twenty minutes.

There are many different ways to treat acne, and the best way to find a treatment that works is to try many different kinds. It is a good thing people have six years of teen-hood to find the perfect match.