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Bengals prove to be the better NFL team from Ohio

By Dylan Astor

The Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals faced off in Cleveland’s FirstEnergy Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Coming into the game, the Browns had named Austin Davis the starting quarterback, due to the injury Josh McCown suffered last week. This game was Davis’s first career start with the Browns, and while Davis looked promising, the rest of the team was a let down.

After the first offensive drive, the Browns knew that they were in for a ride. The Bengals had constant pressure on Davis. They had found a weak spot in the Browns’ offensive line, and it was Cameron Erving.

Erving is a rookie out of  Florida State who was taken nineteenth overall in the 2015 NFL draft. He was originally a backup for the starter, Joel Bitonio, but he left the game early with an injury. The Bengals singled him out and threw their best pass rusher at him, Geno Atkins. Atkins put pressure on Davis almost every single play; however, it was not just Atkins who put pressure on Davis. Many other defensive linemen beat Erving off the block and got to Davis.

Injuries played a key role in Sunday’s game against the Bengals. Two of the Browns’ wide receivers were ruled before the game began, yet to prepare for this, they brought up Darius Jennings from the practice squad to play. They also resigned Terrelle Pryor, who did not see a snap. In the first quarter, wide receiver Travis Benjamin jumped up to catch a ball over his head and was dragged down onto his shoulder. The Brown’s ruled him out of the contest. The two-time pro bowler Joe Haden was inactive again with a concussion. Haden has only played once since week five of the season. With Haden’s absence, the Browns cornerback Charles Gaines was removed off of the injured reserved list,and was starting in place of Haden.

The Bengals offense torched the Browns’ defense. More specifically, it was the matchup of the Bengals wide receiver AJ Green, going up against the Browns cornerback Tramon Williams. During this first quarter, Green was on a streak route to the endzone and ran right by Williams. Luckily for Williams, he dove at the perfect time and tripped up Green. Unfortunately, however, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton scored on a three yard run. Green also had a wide open touchdown against Tramon Williams, going for 23 yards. Green finished the game with five receptions, 128 yards and a touchdown.

It was not only the passing game that torched the Browns, it was also the run game. The Bengals running back Jeremy Hill, had one of his best games of the season against the Browns. He only rushed for 93 yards and a touchdown, but this was a bounce back week for Hill. He still has not managed to rush for 100 yards in a single game, but this performance was the closest to it.

Many believe the game was not very entertaining to watch, unless the individual was a Bengals fan. The Browns only managed to put up three points, coming from a field goal by kicker Travis Coons, as time expired before the half. He attempted another field goal later in the game, but the kick was blocked.

The Bengals on the other hand, found it rather easy to score off of the Browns defense. Quarterback Andy Dalton threw for two touchdowns and ran for another. Kicker Mike Nugent managed to go three for three on field goals, and running back Jeremy Hill ran for a touchdown.

Here the team is again, with another disappointment; they got pummeled by the Bengals for the second time this year, 37-3. The Browns fell to 2-10, and the Bengals improved to 10-2.

Now many critics speculate if it is the players or the coaching staff to blame.


Teachers honored in annual Wall of Fame event

By Chloe Phillips

Teachers are not just people who show up everyday to give homework and leave. They are mentors who try to make a difference, and they are an inspiration to many who want to change the world and spread courage to do so which in turn spreads to others.  Most of all, teachers are acquaintances one can always look up to. They are someone who can be counted on.

The Wall of Fame is a yearly event which allows those who have been teachers at Stow for five or more years and have been retired for two or more years to be recognized for their work. This event started in 1987 and it is still carried out to this day.

On Nov. 19,  the two teachers who were elected by the current teachers and staff were Linda Nickson, who was a health and physical education teacher, and Robert Putka was an art teacher. Nov. 19 was a day where one would be able to show appreciation for them.

The Wall of Fame started at 2:45 p.m and lasted until 4:00. The teachers mingled, held sociable conversations, recalling stories of the teachers being recognized.

“[Nickson] assisted the track team for over twenty years, she, [when stow had cyclists], went on a twenty mile bike ride with her students and later she comes to find out she lost one. Don’t worry they eventually found her,” Wolfe said.

One could say Wolfe, the high school’s current health adviser, was a host. She was joyful over the fact Nickson chose her to speak for her. She was the first speaker. Wolfe had many things to say, and everything she said was added with a smile.  

“There was once an incident where a boy came out of the locker room saying there was someone hurt, and without hesitation Linda ran over to the entrance, yelled “if you don’t want me to see it you better hide it,” Wolfe said.

Wolfe was a student of Nickson’s, and they met when Wolfe was sixteen. Wolfe cleared any confusion, if there were any, when she told everyone how far back Nickson and her go, and how Nickson really impacted her life.

“She was the best teacher I had ever met. I can say that from a high schooler’s perspective and from a teacher’s perspective,” Wolfe said.

Nickson let it be know that her students made a difference in her life, and she could only hope that she did the same. The goal for her was to do better than her teachers did and to challenge her students.

“This all feels so surreal. It is to my great honor and privilege to be recognized by my peers and students. It’s a humble feeling, it just feels good knowing I did alright. One never knows and is always wondering. My heart is happy,” Nickson said.

Putka had been the high school’s art teacher. His creativity not only filled his head but also in his choice of clothing. Multiple people could be heard complementing his taste in fashion. 

Putka sat in the front with his loving family members surrounding him. He had many stories to tell and without a doubt can say many memories must of come to him in flashes.

“Bob has always been sharp in the forty years plus years I’ve known him. What I can learn from Bob is to love what I do. I try to teach my own students the same,” Steve Pierce said.

Pierce is the high schools photography teacher, and he had many words to say about Putka and each word had a wonderful feeling to it. Putka and Peters were not just student and teacher as a bond was made between them. One could take note of this by simply looking at the two talk.

“What he has left behind at this high school was us. His legacy carries on. He is a great man and the only friend one could ever need,” Pierce said.

Peters voiced his thoughts, which continued to contribute to Putka. If it wasn’t for Putka he would not of been an artist. He also stated he probably would not be living in Stow either.

He also stated Putka was going to be an architect. Of course it is obvious he had a change of heart. He is no ordinary art teacher as he brings life and joy everywhere he goes. 

“I thought why not be a teacher and perhaps an art teacher. Here and behold I was good. I always thought about how cool it would be to be a ticket greeter on the highway, I even thought about being a greeter at Walmart, then I decided that it was just not cool enough for me,” Putka said.

Putka has been heard giving life advice. In fact, Pierce says to this day he uses Putka’s advice. “Nothing but the best and no regrets,” is an example of the humble words he has spoken.

“I appreciate this honor, but it’s just so weird to look up and see my face up there. Without a doubt some of my best memories are here in the building with some of the people in this room,” Putka said.

Everyone is appreciative for the work and knowledge Nickson and Putka have passed down. If one has a mentor or teacher they look up to, maybe let them know the gratitude is there.

As for Nickson and Putka, both of them will highly influence the work done in the building. 

Cavs start season swinging

By Anthony Chmielewski

 The Cleveland Cavaliers have been on a roll through the first month of the NBA season, led by superstar LeBron James. The Cavs currently sit atop the eastern conference at 13-4, and have the third best record in the league, only trailing San Antonio (14-3), and Golden State (18-0).

    Cleveland came into this season with high hopes of winning their franchise’s first ever championship. The Cavs have shown throughout the first month of the season that they are for real. Many people expected them to come out slow to start the season due to the absences of Iman Shumpert, and Kyrie Irving. Instead the Cavs have come out in full throttle, playing with a chip on their shoulders because of last years finals loss.

    Even with the third best record in the league, forward LeBron James does not think that his squad is living up to its full potential. According to, he held a players only meeting, questioning some of the players’ effort on the court.

    “It’s all mindset,” James says “It comes from within. I’ve always had it; my upbringing had it like that. It’s either you got it or you don’t.”

    James also said that the defending champion Warriors, who have started the season with a historic 18-0 record, look hungrier than the Cavs even though they won it all last year.

    A big part of Cleveland’s early season success has to be credited to different role players stepping up. Point guard Mo Williams has been a valuable temporary replacement for Irving. Backup small forward Richard Jefferson has stepped in to give James some well earned rest during the games. The Cavs have many players who have answered the call to step in so far this year.

    Cleveland has looked unstoppable at home in “The Land” this year. They are now 9-0 at home, thanks to James, as he hit a game winner in their last game against Brooklyn.

    The Cavs have looked strong this season and can only get better when the are at full strength. Their season is a championship or bust, and it will be difficult, but they are ready to deliver Cleveland its first sports championship in over 50 years.

Luigi’s Mansion vs Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

   By Cole Rose

Spooky Scary! With Halloween over with, I thought I would return to a childhood classic that has haunted me to this day: Luigi’s Mansion. With the year of the Luigi ending, we got a ton of new Luigi content: New Luigi Bros. U, secret Luigi sprites, and the game that made me scream like a little girl at a One Direction concert: Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. When I sat down to play it; however, I was greatly disappointed by this sequel of a classic game. It is time to look at the facts of why Luigi’s Mansion is scarier than Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

The first important point of what makes a game scary is the plot. In the first game, you play as (guess who) Luigi who won a mansion in a contest he never entered. The questions begin to build up in the player’s mind as he opens the door to the mansion, which looked nicer on the paper. Soon you meet Professor E. Gadd, who states that he has lived in a small house nearby all his life and said that the mansion did not arrive until a few days ago. He also mentions a man who looks like you, only red, walked into the mansion, and hasn’t come out! OH NO! Your brother is in this haunted house, and it’s up to you to save him!

In the sequel; however, the game becomes a treasure hunt. With all the ghosts becoming “nice” King Boo breaks the dark moon into fragments all over the different mansions (that is right, MANSIONS) and it’s up to Luigi  to try and find the missing pieces. You also already know what is going to happen and who you are going to fight in each area, making the game even more like a cheap haunted house, off the side of a road.

Another important factor in horror games is atmosphere. In Luigi’s Mansion, everything is dark and scary. We have seen haunted houses in Mario games, yet this house is much darker and scarier, and only when the player clears out all the ghosts in a room do the lights turn back on. That is when the player feels relief knowing that that room is cleared of ghosts. They know they have to keep moving, however to keep the game moving, thus making them leave the comfort of the room and heading into the dark hallway filled with ghost mice, bats, and the occasional scare that you do not see coming until it happens. Even if you know it is going to happen, it still pops out and scare you.

In the sequel, the first area has a bunch of soldier statues that try to attack you when you walk down the hallway. The player sees it coming, and it just becomes a bore to go down the hall over and over when you know that you just need to run through. On top of that, the mansions are lit up at random spots so the player is not scared. With that being said, you will walk through the hall just to find spooky dust covering the hallways that you need to vacuum up.

I could go on and on and on about all the points, but I truly think you can understand what I am trying to explain. So with all these points in mind, it is decided that Luigi’s Mansion is scarier than Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.