Frozen 2 Movie Review

Jacob Doctor

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

     Everyone has been anticipating the arrival of Frozen 2. The original Frozen came out in 2013 and ever since then people have been wondering when the second movie would be made.

     Frozen 2 came to theatres on Fri. November 22, 2019. The crowds were huge and the theatres were packed with no seats left. 

     On the Saturday following the arrival of Frozen 2 was when I saw the movie. Even the next day after, the theatre was still packed with many families.

     All the families who were there seemed like they were excited about the movie. Some kids even dressed up in costumes. 

     For example, I saw a group of children dressed up like Elsa and Anna. They were also holding dolls to show who their favorite character was. 

     Frozen 2 had a very good plotline and had some unexpected events happen. During the movie, many of the kids laughed because of something Olaf would say or do. The writers kept his funny side and I really appreciated that.

     People who came to see the show did not get engaged with the singing like they did in the first movie. The audience only became involved when they saw or heard a funny scene. 

     Frozen 2’s soundtrack was good, but it did not have easy songs to learn. The songs had many different verses and difficult words for kids to understand.

     All of the major characters were in the new film, with the addition of an entire new cast. It offered a different spin on the movie. 

     I really enjoyed how they made the plotline different from the first one and made it unexpected. The movie kept the audience wondering what would happen next.

    As always, disney makes the movie family friendly and did not have any graphic content. This made it available for all ages to be able to see the film which was very appreciated.

    Frozen 2 also offered history of the characters. The film shows the audience the history of Elsa and Anna’s family and it also showed the history behind the city of Arendale.

     Frozen 2 also added romance between a couple characters. My friends and I enjoyed this part of the movie as well.

     Frozen 2 seemed to be liked by many of the audience members and I enjoyed it as well. The movie offered a few plot twists as well as a good plotline. It had a good soundtrack; even though, it did not engage the audience as much.

    I would rate this movie 4.5/5 stars because it was very entertaining and many enjoyable qualities. I would not be able to come up with something that I disliked about it.

    Make sure to buy your tickets now. The movie just came out and is available at most movie theatres around stow. Enjoy!




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