Parking Issues

     Ayla Morris

     High schoolers are all new drivers at some point. Which means they already struggle with driving. 

      One of the most annoying things drivers struggle with is parking. Parking for highschoolers can be hard because the new drivers are not great at staying inside the lines. 

      The reason these new drivers cannot stay inside the lines is maneuverability. Maneuverability is the skill new drivers most likely do not obtain. It is the skill that lets you get around objects or stay in side of them. 

       Some high schoolers solve this problem by parking outside of the lines. This is no accident when these new drivers park outside of these lines.

       For it is not just parking outside of the lines but it is parking outside of the curb. When just one car does this it is annoying, but it quickly turns to aggravating when more and more people start to do it. 

      The problem is not even that people have decided to create their own parking space but the problem is that these cars are impossible to get around. These cars are even harder for new drivers to maneuver around.

        It is incredibly difficult to get around an already tight corner with two cars on either side of the curb. However this problem could be fixed. 

       These students could have punishments. If punishments were put into place then students would not be so free of care and park wherever they would like. 

       Punishments could be the same as not having a parking pass. Things such as getting your car towed or booted.

       It could even be something as simple as a ticket. Tickets are given out all over for people who do not park in avaible places, why should they not be given out at schools. 

      Now these punishments would not just be to annoy these students. But a permanent way to stop them. If these students were stopped we would be able to avoid unsafe problems. 

        Unsafe problems could include things such as a car accident or minor scrape. A car accident would Obviously be terrible. For two young people to get into a crash.

       But a car accident could very well happen since these cars are parked like this. Car accidents are usually caused by unsafe choices and this is one of them.

       Another thing that could happen is a major or minor scrape. Although these sound like just little car problems they are not. 

      These scratches will make insurance go up greatly and cost a lot of money. It is unfair for someone to have to pay for hitting a car that was illegally parked. 

       Rules should be put in place to keep all safety problems in check. With these rules everyone could feel safer at stow. 


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