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Se7en movie review

Detective Somerset (Morgan Freeman) is a veteran detective in a city thats name is never revealed. A young rookie, Detective Mills (Brad Pitt), comes to the force ready for a big case.  He gets what he wants when the department gives him and Somerset a murder case. The victim is a very large man who is found with empty food containers all around him in a very messy room. He is bound to a chair and appears as if he was being forced to eat when a kick to his torso burst his stomach. While Somerset investigates that, Mills is given another murder case of defense attorney Eli Gould. To Mills’ surprise, the word “greed” is written in Gould’s blood on the floor. When looking behind the refrigerator in the first case, Somerset finds the word “gluttony” written in grease. He then theorizes that the murderer is basing his murders on the seven deadly sins and the killer has five more to go. It is up to Mills and Somerset to track down these mens’ killers before anymore lives are lost.

The reason I was such a big fan of “Se7en” is because of how dark it is. A movie about murders and the seven deadly sins should not be anything but dark. I feel this movie captured that theme perfectly.

Many thrillers are scared to go to the extremes that this movie did. The writer, Andrew Kevin Walker, and the director, David Fincher, had no fear of being too graphic or too disturbing. They perfectly portrayed the horror and gruesomeness of murder.

Walker is used to writing horror themed movies. He wrote “Sleepy Hollow” in 1999, an Oscar winning movie directed by Tim Burton.

Fincher finds his favorite actor to use in the 90s Brad Pitt in this movie. He later brings him back for a lead role in his 1999 film “Fight Club.”

“Seven” is number 23 on IMDb’s top 250 list.

‘Chasing Amy’ movie review

Holden McNeil (Ben Affleck) and Banky Edwards (Jason Lee) are comic book writers out of New Jersey. Their very successful book ends up introducing them to a very pretty Alyssa Jones (Joey Lauren Adams), who is also a comic book writer. After a night out, Holden falls for Alyssa. The next night, Holden finds out that Alyssa is gay. Holden is crushed  and will do anything to get this girl. He may even risk crushing his life-long friendship with Banky.

“Chasing Amy” is another one of Kevin Smith’s comedies in the “Clerks” universe. In the movie, there are many references to characters and places from “Clerks” and “Mallrats.”

Though this movie is mostly a romantic comedy, it is unlike any other in the genre. Smith does not forget to have his trademark ironic comedy, and throughout the movie, you forget the romantic feel.

Many of the people who watch the film are skeptical about the ending. I personally think the end is powerful. Holden is faced with an extremely tough decision at the end of the movie. He has to choose between the two most important things in his life, unless he can find a way to satisfy both people’s needs.

The end to me shows how truly crazy love can make people. This portrays the change of Holden throughout the movie. At the start of the movie, there is no way that he would have even thought of that idea.

I feel that the people who have rated “Chasing Amy” on IMDb did not look deeper into the movie to see the true meaning. If someone who watches the movie does not take time to think about the film afterwards, they will think of it is a decent romantic comedy. To truly appreciate the whole movie, the viewer must dig below the surface to see Kevin Smith’s true genius.

Boys wrestling competes at NOC Tournament

With another intense season coming to a close, the varsity wrestlers prepare for the journey to the state tournament.

All wrestlers are familiar with this part of the season, which is when the “grind” is in full swing.

The Bulldog wrestlers are 5-1 in dual meet matches, having their only loss handed to them by Brunswick. They have defeated Austintown Fitch, North Royalton, Cuyahoga Falls and Medina and outscored their opponents 267-146 in total team points.

In the Aurora Invitational, the wrestlers took second place overall.

At the Tuslaw Duals, the Bulldogs took second overall with three wrestlers who went undefeated on the weekend: senior Nick Planicka, junior Kyle Jenkins and sophomore Jared Tatgenhorst. Kiyal Izaldine was 8-1 at the tournament.

When the wrestlers traveled to Firestone for the Bill Dies Memorial Tournament, they finished 19 out of 44 teams. Three Bulldog wrestlers placed at this prestigious tournament: senior Nick Planicka took fifth, sophomore Joey Andrassy finished sixth and senior Anthony Valore won eighth.

At the wrestlers latest tournament, the NOC Tournament, they placed seventh out of the 18 teams competing. Five wrestlers placed top eight in the conference: Kyle Jenkins third, senior Justin George third, Joey Andrassy third, senior Ian Finegan sixth and Anthony Valore sixth.

“We did some good wrestling as a team and as individuals,” sophomore Joey Andrassy said, “but the season is not over. We have to do our best wrestling next weekend at sectionals to move onto districts and then states. It was a fun season but it will be better if we finish well.”

Senior Nick Planicka is finishing up his fourth year wrestling for the Bulldogs.

“I really enjoyed this season,” Planicka said. “It was really great being a senior and a leader on the team. It is a shame that I am not going to be able to wrestle with my teammates next year. On the bright side, the season is not over: we still have sectionals to work for. I believe that every member of this varsity line up can make it deep into the post-season tournaments.”