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Browns release ‘new’ logo

Cleveland sports fans are used to being let down. Until the return of LeBron James, Clevelanders have been getting one mediocre season after another.

After a 7-9 season from the Browns, football aficionados saw many positives from the team. At Week 10, the team was 6-3 and leading the AFC North conference. The last leg of the year the Browns lost six of their last seven games.

When the regular season ended, the management announced the release of a new logo. Most Browns fans throughout Ohio thought it would be either the infamous Brownie the Elf or the bulldog.

The Browns did not have a definite logo. They had the helmet, the bulldog and Brownie. Finally after all the confusion the Browns would have one for sure logo. One new, fresh logo. That was not the case.

For anyone who does not know the look of the 2014 Browns season logo, it was a basic football helmet with a pale orange crown with brown and white stripes from front to back and a very light grey facemask. The 2014 Dog Pound logo is a mean-looking, orange bulldog with a brown shadow on the bottom of its face.

Browns fans were ready for something new, and on Tues, Nov. 24 they were going to get it. A new logo for the team they are so fanatic about.

The new logo for the 2015 Browns is the same basic helmet, a slightly brighter orange crown, same brown and white stripe with a brown face mask.

The excitement does not stop there. The new Dog Pound logo is a very feminine looking bulldog, with no definitive head outline with the words “DAWG POUND” under it.

As a Browns fan, this really angers me. It is not as much the new logo. I am fine with the fine tune. The fact that they said it was a new logo, and even worse than that is that they tried to play it off like its some new great thing is what angered me.

According to, “The orange is brighter and richer and matches the passion of our fans and city, the brown is unchanged.”

If that was not enough, they have a new font. They said, “The contemporary redesigned wordmark is simplistic and utilizes a stronger, bolder font,”

The great and new Browns logo is a brighter orange, brown facemask and a bolder font. Yet another let down from Cleveland Browns football.

Bulldog wrestlers are decimated by Blue Devils

The Brunswick Blue Devils visited the James G. Tyree Gym to face off against the Stow Bulldogs in an exhibition wrestling match. The dual meet took place on January 22. The Bulldogs were looking to bounce back after only taking 15th overall at the Bill Dies Tournament last weekend.

The match began in the lightweights and a 106-pound intense duel between Logan Reiheld of Stow and Joe Cacuzza of Brunswick started the meet off. Reiheld emerged victorious in an 8-6 decision, making the team score 3-0 in favor of Stow.

The following match was at 113 pounds, John Koneval versus DJ Skiba. Skiba was able to take the win in comfortable fashion, taking the score to 8-1 before his first period pin in 1:32, giving Brunswick the 6-3 overall lead.

Next up was Luke Black facing Branton Lantz at 120. Black was victorious in a 4-1 win, tying the team score up at 6-6.

Then it was 126, Justin George and his counterpart Thomas Castenoda were locked in a close one until Castenoda was able to secure the 11-7 victory. The team score became 6-9.

Anthony Valore, returning from earning eighth place at the Bill Dies Tournament, was looking to keep his momentum going facing off against Josh Heil. The match was one sided from the start. Heil took the score to 17-4 before he pinned Valore with 15 seconds left in the second period, increasing the Blue Devil’s lead to 15-6.

The middleweights started in a 138-pound match with Billy Muncy and Nick Kuissis. Kuissis was in control the entire match, finishing Muncy off by way of pin with 59 seconds left in the second period. Brunswick’s team score grew to 21-6.

Joey Andrassy and Austin Fallon had their skirmish at the 145-pound weight class. Andrassy, who took sixth at the Bill Dies Tournament, and his counterpart were unable to score any points in the first period. The nail-biting match ended in favor of Andrassy 2-1. Stow was back on the board, chipping away at the lead making the team score 21-9.

At 152, Logan Emery wrestled Cade Bonds. Bonds won the match by major decision 15-5. Turning the score into 25-9.

Bill Dies Tournament 160-pound fifth place wrestler Nick Planicka was up against Frank Tusick. In a tight one, Tusick was victorious in a 3-1 win, again increasing Brunswick’s total score to 28-9.

170-pound Travis Bodjanac grappled with Brandon Bryant. Bryant walked away with the easy win by pin in 1:31. The team score then became 34-9.

The heavyweight classes began in a quick, 182-pound pin by Mike Bekney who defeated Kiyal Izaldine in 45 seconds. Making the team score an incredible 40-9 in favor of Brunswick.

The 195-pound weight class, with Aaron Naples, granted Brunswick with a free six team points due to forfeit. Team scores 46-9.

Brian Baranowski was defeated at the 220 pound weight class by Collin Sustersic 5-2. Making Brunswick’s lead 49-9.

Even with the insurmountable 40 point lead, heavyweight Jared Tatgenhorst seemed unfazed. He hastily pinned Mike Fontana in 1:42, bringing the final team score to 49-15 in favor of Brunswick.

Boys wrestling prepares for victory

Dating all the way back to 776 BC at Olympia’s first Olympic Games, wrestling has not only been a recreational sport, but also a form of hand to hand combat.

Dan Gable, who had a collegiate career of 181-1 once said, “Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.”

Wrestling is a lifelong commitment for some people. Junior State Qualifier Kyle Jenkins says he has been wrestling for 12 years, ever since he was five years old.

We asked Jenkins, with the sport being so difficult, why do students continue to wrestle? He replied, “Everyone seems to have a lot of fun together. Wrestling makes people closer than anyone can imagine.”

Wrestling is a sport still growing in popularity. Since 2003, the number of student wrestling in high school has increased by 40,000.

How can such a popular sport still by growing. According to Jenkins, “The sport has great interest because it takes a lot of hard work and brings a great reward. It helps you grow as a person and is a great way to make new friends and have fun.”

Wrestling is arguably one of the toughest sports, Sophomore Joey Andrassy said, “Wrestling is a tough sport, its a grind.” He continued to say, “The season is long and having to cut weight during Christmas break is hard.”

When wrestlers cut weight, they attempt to lose as much fat as possible to obtain a higher strength-to-mass ratio. Theoretically, that should give an advantage against wrestlers at the same weight. Some wrestlers go to extreme lengths to cut weight, such as not eating for days on end and drinking only a microscopic amount of water. Then, after one weighs in, one eats a large quantity of food and liquid in a small time, only to starve it off the next day. No other athlete in any other sport can say they go through that trouble just to participate at the next match.

Jenkins said, “Last year overall wasn’t too bad of a season. It was a young team and a down year, this year should be a lot different.”

When asking Andrassy what he looks forward to this season he said, “I’m looking forward to wrestling down in Columbus (for states) at the end of the season, I want to win that state title.”

After the new year if one is looking for a way to support these hard workers, the James G. Tyree Invitational will be held in the gym of the high school on January 3.