Family Preview Night- Hailey Sanford and Annika Young

Feb. 9 the high school was open to 8th graders for Preview Night, a night to welcome eighth graders who will be starting at the high school next school year.. Preview Night included tours, presentations and learning about the school and activities.
One of the most significant aspects of this event was the information being presented in the gym and commons. about sports, classes, clubs and extracurricular activities.
Freshman Mentors gave tours to the eighth graders and showed them around the school. After the tours, there was a club and extracurricular activity fair where the students were able to see the clubs and activities that would be offered for them.
Senior Alisandra Zurzolo, a member of Club Interact, noticed a high amount of incoming students signing up for different activities. “I think it went really well, we had a lot of sign-ups for Club Interact, I’m really excited for next year,” Zurzolo remarked.
Sophomore Makenna Varner, a Freshman Mentor, helped tour the students and direct them to the activity fair after tours.
“I think it went well, I find it was organized well and people saw what they needed to see. Lots of 8th graders go to go around and experience new areas they haven’t seen before,” Varner said.
Eighth graders had the opportunity to go around the school and talk to their potential teachers and extracurricular advisors as well as students in clubs.
Eighth grader Madigan McLaughlin noticed the different chances at the high school and the potential for her
future here. “I am very excited, I feel there are more opportunities for me at the high school than there are at Kimpton,”
McLaughlin said.


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