Jonas Brothers Reunited

Lauren Rayman
The Jonas Brothers recently reunited and released the song “Sucker.”
People began to get exciting shortly after the Jonas Brothers tweeted about the release of the song.
That tweet was the first sign of any activity on the account, @jonasbrothers, since a retweet on September 4, 2013. On February 28, 2019, they tweeted a picture of the song cover and a tweet that read “Midnight ET. #Sucker.” That tweet also included a link to the song.
After not releasing music for so long, the news of their reunion spread like rapid fire across many social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
Within these social media platforms, many big accounts, including @MTV, @Spotfiy and @PrimeVideo on Twitter, shared their opinions.
@MTV tweeted, “How am I expected to do anything today when the only thing I can think about is the #JonasBrothers? This is a real SOS, @JonasBrothers,” just an hour after the tweet from the Jonas Brothers themselves. Spotify shared their tweet less than two hours later.
Since the announcement of their reunion, the Jonas Brothers have remade their iconic “oh how the tables have turned” video, played a one night show in Los Angeles, California, and joined James Corden on The Late Late Show for an interview segment and carpool karaoke.
In the past when an artist has dropped a song or album without much warning, it took a week or so to top the charts, but this was not the case with the Jonas Brothers’ release of “Sucker.”
The song dropped less than a day after their tweet and has remained at the top of the charts on Spotify and Apple Music. It also has been one of the most requested and played songs on many radio stations all across the country.
Although the song itself is not horrible, many people, including myself, were expecting more from their first song back together.
“Sucker” does not contain the boy band feels that all of the songs released by the Jonas Brothers in the past did, considering they have not released new music for over five years now.
The song is very upbeat, just like a lot of their older music is. But, while it is upbeat, it also carries a very mature vibe to it with the lyrics.
Nick and Joe are the two main singers on the song. Their voices have matured a lot since the last time music was released by them, and this also gives the song a more mature vibe.
One of the main things that has personally stood out to me about the release was how vibrant all of the marketing images have been. All of the images contain the bright colors that Joe, Nick, and Kevin can be seen wearing on the song cover. The music video also reflects this.
Overall, many people, including myself, are pleased with the reunion of the Jonas Brothers. Many people grew up watching the “Camp Rock” movies and listening to the Jonas Brothers, so having them come back to release music together almost seems unreal.
Listen to the song “Sucker” at and follow the Jonas Brothers on Twitter at to keep up with their latest announcements.


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