Girl’s Bowling At States

Hannah Bartels
This season, a senior’s dream of going to states is finally coming true! Hayley Roberts will compete for Stow in states, bowling alongside her sister, Taylor Roberts.
Hayley first decided that she wanted to bowl when she was younger and bowling with her cousins and grandpa. Her cousins were very talented bowlers and Hayley decided that he wanted to be that good. As soon as Hayley came into high school her freshman year, she immediately started bowling for the bowling team and even made it to varsity.
Bowling is a great sport for everyone because it is a sport that you can participate in all your life. It does not necessarily require someone to be in shape or athletic but it does require skill which is something someone can always practice. “Bowling is the one thing I can always do no matter what is going on in my life,” Hayley says.
Hayley holds many memories from her four years of bowling but her most memorable is winning states during her sophomore year which she calls, “by far the best experience.” She also has made many friends along the way with her team. “I love that my team can pick each other up when another one is down,” Hayley says.
One of her biggest goals for the season is to win states and she believes the girls team has what it takes to, “go all the way.” She is happy with the way her team is currently doing but wishes they could have won the tournament they lost.
As of March 7, the girls are currently on their way to Columbus for the OHSAA State Tournament.. They are hopeful to earn another victory. Winning states for the second time would be a great thing for Hayley and a highlight of her senior year.


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