Thank u, Next- Review

Maria Leonino

Ariana Grande has pleased her fans once again with her latest album, “thank u, next” when it was released on Feb 8, 2019.
Grande released a chart topping album six months ago titled “sweetener”, but the latest album has topped the Billboard 200 charts for the last two weeks.
Three of her songs from her new album are ranked in the top three for Billboard 100, which has broken the record of “The Beatles” from fifty years ago.
“thank u, next” is a twelve track album containing songs of all different genres, themes and meanings. Some of the most recognized songs include “7 rings,” “thank u, next,” “imagine,” and “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored.”
Multiple songs on the track are hinted at her relationships, more closely related to her ex fiancée, Pete Davidson and her late ex boyfriend, Mac Miller.
“ghostin” is a slow, sad love song that takes a closer look into why Grande and Davidson ended. She explains how she is upset over Miller, but promises Davidson they will overcome their hard times.
When Miller passed away of an overdose while Grande was engaged to Davidson, the death of Miller took a toll on Grande and Davidson’s relationship and they broke up. “imagine” is another song that symbolizes Miller as if they never broke up and were still living in a perfect world together.
Although Grande focuses on mainly Davidson and Miller, “thank u, next” is a song that recognizes all of her past loves. Grande thanks Big Sean, Ricky Alvarez, Miller and Davidson because they have all taught her a valuable lesson. Thanking them helped Grande get over each relationship and become a stronger, better version of herself.
Grande has had time to focus and reflect on herself, so songs such as “needy,” “in my head” and “NASA” are revolves around Grande saying she is needy, needs space and over thinks her relationships. “7 rings” is one of her most popular songs on the album, which also focuses on her work ethic for receiving what she wants.
The rest of the album includes “make up”, “bloodline”, “bad idea”, and “breakup with your girlfriend, i’m bored”. Lastly, “fake smile” is an underrated song talking about how Grande has struggled over the past few months and does not want to fake her smiles anymore.
Overall, Grande’s music has had huge successes over the years, but the “thank u, next” album has skyrocketed her career in many ways.


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