Happy Death Day 2U- Review

Abigail Kuhns
Happy Death Day 2U, the sequel to Happy Death Day, was released early last week and people everywhere are rushing out to see it. Both movies are spin-offs of the original film Groundhog day.
In 2017, the first Happy Death Day was released where the main character Tree must relive her murder over and over, not to mention it was on her birthday. Throughout the movie she dies 11 times and wakes up in the same place every time.
With the help of fellow college student, Carter, she discovers her killer in order to stop the continuous loop which leads into the sequel.
In the beginning, it is Carter’s roommate, Ryan, is the one who starts to live one day over and over; however, the tables quickly turn back to the main character Tree. She must discover the true source of loop while finding her second murderer with the help of science.
According to Rottentomatoes.com, 65% of viewers said they enjoyed the first Happy Death Day while 67% of viewers who have seen the second movie so far said they enjoyed it.
Despite what the majority stated, I liked the first movie a lot more than the sequel.
Creativity was a positive factor of the movie because of the ways she died and how she she had to make a choice of living in the past or moving on with the future.
The animations in the second movie were amazing and the attention to detail was spectacular, but other than that the movie was not really exciting.
Happy Death Day 2U was way too predictable because of the first one and the storyline needed more of twist to differ it from the first.
Both times the creators have tried to make the movie scary but not too horrific and I think they are doing a poor job. The movies are not fearful and just plain cheesy.
Overall, I would give Happy Death Day 2U a 5/10 rating based upon the animations, creativity, plot and horror factor.


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