Traffic Pattern Issues

Over the years, the traffic at the high school has grown to be efficient for the students, staff and overall community. Recently, the traffic has gotten substantially worse.
Two years ago when I was a freshman, there were two ways I could enter the building. Students could be dropped off at the main entrance where buses also were, or in the back by the athletic office. I come to school from the Kent side, so it was always easiest for my mom to drop me off in the back.
Within a few months, traffic was switched and buses were the only form of transportation that could enter the back, and everyone who was dropped off or driving had to use the main entrance.
Last year barriers were placed in the parking lot, separating the parking lot into two lanes. The barriers made traffic move so much faster and traffic was not nearly as bad.
Now, the barriers still work, but Officer Smith usually comes and directs traffic, even though the barriers are already there.
This school year is the first full school year that I am driving to school. Last year as a sophomore I occasionally drove, but I have driven to school everyday of this year and experienced every form of traffic.
Keeping in mind that I live less than five minutes away from the high school in a neighborhood off of Fairchild Road, I typically leave on the late side of the morning since I am so close.
At first, I would leave my house around 7:05 in the morning and arrive very early to school. I obviously did not need to leave 25 minutes early when coming to school, so I started leaving later.
The absolute latest I have ever left my house is at 7:18, and even then without Smith directing traffic, I have been able to successfully make it into the building before 7:30.
A couple of weeks ago on a Wednesday morning I left my house at 9:10, which is plenty of time to get to school. Smith was directing traffic and at this point it was his first or second time directing the traffic. I waited in line for over twenty minutes.
My sister and I were late, as well as many other students. The line to get into the attendance office was nearly out the school doors. On a regular day with no direction of traffic, there is rarely any line or many kids that are late.
As the weeks have gone on, Smith continues to direct traffic. I never know when he will be there because he is not consistent either. Some days he comes, some days he does not.
For the past few days, I have left my house at 7:10 and did not park my car until 7:25, barely making it to my first period class. I think it is ridiculous that I am expected to leave so early in order to be at school on time when I live less than five minutes away.
Without Smith directing traffic, I have managed to leave my house twelve minutes before school starts and was able to go through the line, park my car and be inside the school.
Not all of the traffic is Smith’s fault though. Since I am coming from the right side of the school, I do not have access to the parking lot right away, so I have to drive all the way around and park.
It is extremely hard for cars to proceed through the parking lot when a huge flow of students keep walking through the parking lot.
Around 7:20-7:25 is when most students are walking into the school, and everyone is scattered and they do not leave enough room for cars to pass by.
I appreciate Officer Smith trying to help out the community and those who attend the high school, but I believe he is not needed in the mornings. I very much appreciate his help at the end of the day because it is much needed. He does an amazing job of getting everyone out of the high school parking lot at 2:30 and I am very glad he is there.
I may be bias because I have heard he helps the other side of traffic which is usually a huge line, but overall most students are late due to the traffic.


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