Serenity Movie Review

Cori Van Orman
IMDb review: 5.1/10
Personal review: 6/10
Serenity was a very strange movie. The main character, Baker Dill, played by Matthew McConaughey is a fisherman who lives an interesting life.
He is obsessed with finding a large sea animal and cannot focus on anything else. While in the middle of trying to figure out how to catch this fish, his ex girlfriend appears and informs him that her husband is abusive.
She is played by Anne Hathaway and she is a strong woman who cannot find a way out of a tough situation. She asks Baker to get her husband drunk and knock him off the boat in order to keep her and Baker’s son safe.
While all of this is happening, a man is seen chasing Baker but it is unknown who he is and what he wants. Eventually it is found that he is trying to help Baker and sell him a piece of equipment to catch the fish.
The man keeps telling Baker he knows his plans to kill the man and he tells him to follow the rules and just catch the fish. The man refers to himself as the rule keeper but he is not sure why.
Baker tells the woman, Karen, that he cannot kill her husband. He tells himself he is not going to and even tells his shipmate to protect him from temptation.
In the end, Baker decides to kill him. He kicks his shipmate off the boat and tells him he is going to do something he should not do. The shipmate uses the money he made to hire men to break Karen’s husbands hand so he cannot fish the next day.
As the mystery of Baker’s life is unfolding, Karen is telling her husband she needs a fish. She guilts him into wanting to fish even with a broken hand and he shows up on Baker’s boat ready to go.
In the end, Baker kills the husband and the real reality of Baker’s life comes out. In an unexpected twist, everything about the mysterious existence of Baker is exposed.
The movie was very entertaining and pretty enjoyable. Parts of the movie were very stressful and had the audience on edge. The characters were hard to relate to as they are all grown adults suffering from real life problems. The movie had a few confusing scenes that did not make sense until the movie was over.
The movie showed what it is like to be controlled, abused, and in a tough situation. The movie was very eye opening to the effects of abuse on parents, children, and people viewing the incident from the outside. The movie was overall very touching. The movie touched on important topics in a very delicate manor. While bringing light to a situation, the producers were careful with wording and expression of characters.
The ending was extremely unexpected and had the entire audience shocked. Overall this movie was enjoyable, but slightly stressful and confusing. In the end everything came together, but the progression of some scenes was slow and dragged on forever.


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