Stress Over College Admissions

college financial planning workshop
Shea Sullivan
As second semester starts, many important academic events approach for juniors and seniors. Tests like the ACT, SAT and AP exams give students the opportunities to impress colleges and boost their chances of receiving acceptance.
However, many students see these tests as a hurdle in front of their path to college. Another drawback is the increasing cost of college tuition.
Many students feel pressured to do well on these tests, knowing that possible scholarships are on the line, which are very competitive with today’s tuition prices.
“I do feel anxious taking these tests; however, if I try my best to prepare for these tests, there is nothing more I can do to change my score,” junior Chelsea Kirk said.
Thankfully, students have many resources to make this process a bit easier.
On Thursday Jan. 31 at 7 p.m. at the Stow-Munroe Falls Library, students and parents are invited to attend a free College Financial Planning Workshop. Certified College Planning Strategist Joel Wymer of College Planning Strategies will be hosting the event.
Parents will be able to learn strategies on how to help their kids pay for college, without breaking the bank. Students will also be able to learn important ways on receiving ‘free’ money for college and how to try and earn the most financial aid as possible, along with tips on improving important test scores.
“I would attend a seminar addressing testing tips because it would help me to get better in my weakest subjects and improve my scores,” Kirk said.
High schoolers often try to outdo their peers by being involved in many extracurriculars and sports, while also trying to stand out in the classroom. Yet some of these talented students may not receive a desirable amount of financial aid despite being more involved.
This workshop will be addressing that problem, along with how to present one’s finances to receive more need based aid.
Lastly, families attending this seminar will learn why the new FAFSA rules may cause them to lose thousands of dollars in financial aid, and why a 529 plan may not be as good as it seems.
Students and parents worried about the upcoming events of college should definitely consider this workshop. An hour or two long seminar, may result in a lifetime of less student loans.


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