Kendra Cassiday- Successful Runner

Sydney uridel
Kendra Cassiday is a freshman who excels in cross country and track. She and many others are looking forward to see even more improvement as each sport season comes and goes.
Cassiday started off running early and from the influence and support of her family.
“I have been running since third grade, and I started because it looked fun and my sister also runs. What motivates me to run is my family,” Cassiday said.
To train and improve, Cassiday follows workouts, works hard in cross country and track practices, and goes to lifting.
Long distance running is not only a physical endurance but also mental because it requires runners to have a certain mindset while running. Runners must not only be physically trained and prepared but also mentally strong and committed in order to succeed.
In upcoming seasons, Cassiday is looking forward to see how much she can better her times.
“My goals are to keep up with my older sister and overall just to keep improving,” Cassiday said.
These goals seem accomplishable for a talented runner such as Cassiday. Cassiday started her high school career off strong and earned her varsity letter as a freshman.
“My cross country season was good and one of my favorite things about running is meeting new people and friends on the team. What I also like about running is the satisfaction from finishing a race,” Cassiday said.
The cross country team could appreciate an athlete like Cassiday because she won first team all conference, and also Cassiday was named rookie of the year.
“Medals that are important to me are the first in the mile and second in the 800 meters,” Cassiday said.
There is no doubt Cassiday has the potential to earn even more medals and win even more races in the future seasons.
This upcoming track season there are expectations based off of the high performance Cassiday has shown in past seasons. It is reasonable Cassiday will meet her goals if she continues to train and work hard each season
Certainly the community is proud of what this young runner brings to Stow’s cross country and track team and is looking forward to see what she will bring in the future.
Cassidays enjoyment of the sport and hard work should guide her to meet her goals.


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