School Lunches Aren’t That Bad

Uridel- School Lunches

     Some Stow students choose to buy a lunch rather than to pack them. While many students prefer to pack a lunch or buy from the vending machines, a numerous amount are satisfied with the lunches served by the school.

    Junior Sara Day buys a lunch whenever she forgets to pack, and she is happy with the content of the lunches.

    “It is easier to buy a lunch. I don’t have to carry around a lunch I packed most of the day, and in my opinion they have healthier options than the food in the vending machines,” Day said.

    Sophomore Nathan Craft buys a lunch most days of the week, since he doesn’t have time to pack a lunch.

    “The food they have is normally good, but sometimes the food they have isn’t as fresh, and they run out of some foods by ninth period lunch,” said Craft.

    Some popular choices of students are the salads, pizza, and the cheese breadsticks. Most students are happy with the selections provided, but Craft has different thoughts.

    “I wish there were more options to choose from, but most days I am satisfied with what they serve. It would also be cool if students had more of a say or could vote on certain foods to go into the menu; however, I can see how that might be unreasonable,” Craft said.

    Central Kitchen Manager, Michele, says she does everything she can to make the lunches taste good while following all the regulations provided to her.

    “I follow the many guidelines everyday to ensure students lunches are healthy and nutritious,” Michele said.

    Michele’s favorite part about her job is seeing the students happy and serving them lunch. The lunch staff puts a lot of effort into what they are providing the students and enjoy doing so. By choosing a school lunch, many students will find more time and less hassle compared to packing a lunch.

    Overall, most students are happy with the lunches they buy and some even prefer it over packing a lunch (whether their reasons are convenience or freshness, they can rely on school lunches to provide an easier and healthier way to eat lunch). These lunches contain healthier choices for students, and are a good choice if they are looking to try something new.


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