Joshua’s Restaurant

Sullivan – Joshua’s

    A new school year beginning means more cooking at Joshua’s, the high school’s signature restaurant.

    Joshua’s opened in the last week of August, but only serving coffee and treats like pumpkin chocolate bread and muffins.

    Since last year, the price for a small cup of coffee has raised to $1.50 and a large has increased to $2.00, but that will not stop students and staff from supporting the high school business.

    Coffee prices have gone up since the restaurant sources the drink from Bent Tree Coffee in Kent, which has become more expensive.

    Most things will remain the same from last year, such as only being open on Thursdays and Fridays and the ordering system.

    “We still need to train all of our students how to prepare the food, so we will not be serving lunch until around Halloween,” Theresa Ursetti said.

    Many forget that Joshua’s is also a career program, and most of the food made is produced by high school students from Stow and other schools in the district compact.

    Since Joshua’s is only open twice a week, most students who enjoy the restaurant try to take advantage of the better quality food as much as possible.

    “I really like to eat at Joshua’s because I think it is a lot better than school food,” Junior Esther Jin said.

    With the short time that they are open through the week, Joshua’s tries to make the most out of the hours they can welcome students and staff.

    Every Friday is “AC/DC Friday” which is simply just a Friday where the band’s music is played throughout the restaurant.

    “We just like to have AC/DC Fridays because it is just a fun twist to make the day a little better,” Ursetti said.

    Although Joshua’s is not serving food until late October, the restaurant has already been used to host an array of staff meetings this year.

    A perk to having a restaurant in the high school is that it makes a favorable place to host banquets, meetings and other events even if it is not yet serving food.

    Late October is approaching and Joshua’s staff looks forward to cooking for the school and making it an excellent year.


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