Cleveland Browns Let Down

Madie Gash

    This past weekend was an exciting one for Cleveland Brown fans. On Sunday September 9th, the Cleveland Browns took on their rival team the Pittsburgh Steelers for an intense game of football.  

    The game ended with a shocking result and an overtime, the final score was 21-21. This was exciting for Cleveland fans because the Browns finally didn’t lose, and what made it even better was that it was against the rival team, the Steelers.

    Throughout most of the game the Steelers were winning until the Browns made a comeback in the last few minutes of the game. That comeback made it very difficult for the Steelers to score the winning points.

    While the game time was withering away, two teams could not pull off a win and that was when the game then transitioned into a ten minute overtime.

    During this eventful overtime both teams had multiple opportunities to score and neither of the teams could finish what they started and the game ended in a tie. The game was shockingly played very sloppy for the two teams and the efforts were not all there. Both teams had players that could not execute and complete the plays without any disruptions.

     The Steelers blew a fourteen point lead in the fourth quarter, which is when Cleveland came back scoring fourteen points, tying the game. They also wasted their chance to take home a win when Chris Boswell missed a 42-yard field-goal with 1:44 remaining in overtime.

    The Browns also had the opportunity to score during overtime in the last .9 seconds of the game when the linebacker T.J. Watt blocked Zane Gonzalez’s 43-yard field-goal attempt. This tie gave Cleveland a lot of attention because this is the best start to a Browns season since 2004 which is fourteen year ago.

    The game also ended the Browns 17 game losing streak. In addition, it was the NFL’s first tie in Week 1 since 1971 and the league’s first overall tie.

    This game broke records and ended losing streaks in the football community and it ended up being a pretty  good way start to the 2018 Cleveland Browns season.


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