Pep rally recognizes winter sports teams

Loud music and a cheering crowd greeted students as they entered the upper gym for the Winter Sports Pep Rally.

On Fri., Jan. 29, all of the winter sports teams gathered together and entered the gym team by team. The cheerleaders started as the first team to enter only to be followed in by girls bowling. Next up was boys bowling along with girls and boys swimming, gymnastics and wrestling. Lastly was the girls and boys basketball teams.

The highlight of this event was the dance-off between the freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors and teachers. The name of the game was to have the ten best dancers from each grade to perform a dance to a chosen song. This did not go to plan as there were not many eager volunteers. While the dancers exited the gym to prepare their routine, the remaining classes went head to head in a dodgeball game.

“Out of all of the pep-rallies we do, this is one of my favorites because of the dance-off,” biology teacher and student council advisor Alex McMahan said.

The dodgeball game went along the same lines as the dance-off as there were to be the ten best dodgeball players from each class. Unlike the dance-off, there were more people who were excited to participate.

First up was the freshmen versus the sophomores. Although they fought hard, the freshmen were unable to beat the sophomores.

For the next match, it was the juniors and seniors who went next head to head. Juniors tried their best, but the seniors took the win.

After the dodgeball game, all of the dancers entered in the gym to show off what they have come up with. Freshmen started the contest by dancing to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” with five members to their group.

Up next was the sophomores with three members in their crew.

Following them was the juniors dancing to “Radio Star” with six members.

Finally, the seniors come in with eight members dancing to Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time.” Seniors won by popular demand. They were given a trophy for their routine.

To end this event, all of the winter sports players gathered to the center of the gym, armed with their neighbor and sang the school’s “Alma Mater.”


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