Online report cards cause loss of excitement

By Maeonne Phillips

With another grading period ending, students await the revealing of their report cards once again. This time, the grades are only to be seen online rather than be handed out on paper as normal.

While online report cards can be an easier practice, it causes complications that dissatisfy many students and parents.

Although it is such a big role in many people’s lives these days, not everyone has technology. Even if technology is available, there is always a form of difficulty in the process, such as when certain grades cannot be viewed or when the website is not working correctly.

While it seems online grades eliminate the downsides of paper report cards, the simplicity of receiving grades officially on paper disappears. Trying to find not only quarter grades online but final grades as well can be a pain while navigating progress book since the website may not always be easy to use.

Progress book has been known to crash at times, and teachers will complain of the website not corresponding.

Students are also losing the excitement of receiving a report card in class. There is no time to be proud of the work that has been accomplished and no sign of a break in between grading periods.

With the grades online, students lose their interest in seeing their report card and leave their parents to find it later as at the moment it is just not that important to them.

Some students even know how to change the letter grade on their computer without affecting their actual grade, making it easier to trick their parents into thinking they’ve received grades they have not actually received.

Any student can view their current grade online at any point in the grading period, so eliminating paper report cards practically eliminates the idea of a report card all together.

They are not even recognized as a big deal since they are just there online anytime a student or parent feels like taking the time to log into Progress Book and navigate to the digital “report card” tab.

While the internet makes things convenient, it takes away the meaning of education and the simplicity or classicality of receiving grades at the end of a long and hard grading period.


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