A great debate: cats or dogs

There are cat people and there are dog people, and the famous debate on who is better has been going on for far too long. The results are finally in on who is the better pet.

A pole was set up via Twitter for 24 hours, and the results were astounding. Out of 61 voters from the Stow area, cats were crushed at a 11% to 81% votes for dogs.

According to Business Insider, dogs make better pets because they keep you social, fit and keep you from growing old. They are the perfect dose of medicine. Having to walk dogs around the block is the perfect time to meet people, and studies show people who walk their dogs on a daily basis are healthier than those without dogs.

Dogs are even good for detecting multiple diseases such as epilepsy and can detect seizures before they happen. Dogs can be trained as guides for the blind and other services no one has ever seen a cat do.   

Although dogs are slobbery, need to be groomed on a regular basis and go to the bathroom outside, they are loyal pets to have for anyone of any age.

Cats do have their appeals though. According to Animal Planet, they will keep the bugs away, will happily snuggle and are easy pets to keep fit. Cats naturally have the instinct to hunt and bugs are no exception. If it moves then the cat will chase it. They are easy to keep fit by simply setting a ball in front of them or pointing a laser pointer. This may be easy entertainment, too.

Though cats are not good for guides, they do help to keep their human healthy. On Business Insider, cats are proven to lower risks of heart attacks by reducing stress on their owners. Cats are less expensive to keep around as they cost about $300-$600 less because they eat a lot less food than dogs and grooming bills. Also, they tend to be a lot less because of the lack of needed training, leashes, collars and crates. Dogs are a lot more expensive than cats and tend to be a lot more energetic and outgoing.

There are many different benefits to both pets and there really is not a better pet as it all depends on what its owner prefers. Hundreds and thousands animals all across the United States looking for someone to love them, go to your local shelter today to find the right pet for you whether it’s a cat or a dog.




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