Be happy, be different

    By Mya Cannon

All around the world people are trying to be accepted by society and get their ideas of perfection from the celebrities they look up to.

    Most of the teenagers in today’s generation want to be accepted by the people around them and will pretend to be someone they are not to do be accepted.

    While not everyone pretends to be someone they are not to be accepted by others, many people do.

    Today kids seem to dress alike, act alike, and do the same things. If people notice multiple celebrities wearing or using the same things, people automatically think that thing is cool and they want it. Eventually a lot of people have the things that they saw multiple celebrities using.  If someone does not have that object they “do not know what’s cool.”

    When one looks up to a celebrity, they see that person as perfect or close to perfect, because they are liked all around the world by a lot of people.  As a result, they think if they dress or act like the celebrity they look up so they will be accepted too.

    While almost every celebrity is looked up to in some way, shape, or form, whether it being the way they dress or their personality, some celebrities address how the media has a huge effect on the way people are.

    The musical group, Green Day, addresses how the media greatly affects how people act in their well know song “American Idiot” by saying,  “One nation controlled by the media.” This lyric tells how people are “controlled” by the media  and do what they believe is popular in the media’s eyes.

    Everywhere in the world there are outlets that manipulate people into thinking something is cool.  It could be on TV, in a movie, or in song lyrics.

       People will stop doing something that makes them happy if they are afraid they will be judged because people think that it is weird.

    Celebrities are asked on red carpets what they are wearing.  This is a way for designers to advertise their clothes because if someone sees their favorite celebrity wearing something they might want to get it, or something that looks similar to it.

    People who make things sometimes pay popular celebrities to be seen out in public with that product so people will want to buy that product because it is “cool.”

     No one should be afraid to be who they are if being themselves makes them happy even if people think it is weird.


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