Gobble honored with award

 By Dema Obaid

 Out of 15 schools in the Suburban League, senior running back Jayson Gobble was honored with the 2015 Suburban League Award Player of the Year. Gobble has been playing football for Stow since 2006, when he was just 6 years old.

      He was inspired to play by his older brother Aaron when he was younger. Gobble is a excellent player today and has always loved football since day one.

      Gobble feels very honored and accomplished for receiving this award. He would like to thank his family, friends, coaches, and especially his teammates for their support.

     “I thank all my team and my blockers especially for helping me,” Gobble said.

     As Gobble’s position as being the running back he has scored 33 touchdowns and 2,009 rushing yards so far this season. The boys definitely would not have been able to pull out an undefeated regular season and into the fourth round of playoffs without Gobbles leadership and performance on the field.

     “I add another aspect to our team that other teams would look to be as a threat,” Gobble. said.

     Gobble’s teammates also agrees that he add a lot to the team, on and off the field.

     “Jay is a huge part of the team because he always does his job. That makes him a good role model for the rest of us, so we can do our jobs and that’s what puts points on the board,” Anthony D’alessandro said.

     Junior quarterback Kyle Vantrease and Gobble have a great connection on the field, contributing to Gobble’s high scoring games.

     “Our relationship off the field is great, we are like brothers and on the field is the same way. In the backfield we have like a sense of what each other is going to do and it helps our mesh a lot and that’s how we are so successful,” Vantrease said.

     Gobble is a great role model for everyone especially the underclassman. He is always on everyone to be doing their best. He is an unbelievable running back and he is able to carry the team when he is needed.

     The boys are now in the fourth round of playoffs after beating Midpark, Solon, and Olentangy, which is the farthest the Bulldogs have ever gone through the playoffs in history. They will take on Lakewood St. Eds, the returning state champions two years in a row, on Sat, Nov. 28.



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