Blocking Spotify unfair to students

By Maeonne Phillips

Many apps are blocked on the school wifi, but some can seem useless to be banned at all.

Apps like Instagram, Tumblr and sometimes Snapchat can pose a threat to some students. Cyberbullying can take place with pictures being posted, or students can come across inappropriate content.

These apps are labelled as “adult” leaving an understandable reason for the banning. Most students will complain it is still unfair and that most use it responsibly, but the reasoning behind banning them is somewhat obvious.

Even though these apps are blocked , it does not stop students from using them. Most will just turn on their data to use them briefly.

However, there is one app blocked on school wifi that does not seem to pose a threat at all which is Spotify.

Spotify is a music app in which students download as much music as they want and listen to it on shuffle with occasional ads. The only social media aspect of the app is the opportunity to share music through it by direct messaging or create playlists for others to view.

Most students are not able to listen to their music on the app unless they turn their data on, but the blocking of the app is not reliable for other reasons as well.

Spotify gives buyers the opportunity to upgrade to a premium account. When purchased, the user can listen to any given song at any given time, without the interruption of ads, for a month. In addition, they can listen on or offline.

Students who pay for the monthly subscription can easily listen to the app as much as they want without using up their data by simply turning off their wifi.

With the Spotify app being so popular, it is unfair that some students can get around it while others can not.

Not everyone has the money to pay for a monthly subscription, preventing students to listen to their music unless they pay for the app like other students do.

Completely blocking an app from a student is simply impossible. The attempt helps and definitely reduces the use, but the blocking of apps used for things such as music is not beneficial as Spotify use does not cause harm to students.

If the reason for the ban is to reduce risk of students losing focus, the ban is not successful either. Most students will find other apps, listen to what they have purchased on iTunes or even use YouTube to listen to music.

The ban of Spotify by the school is not reliable and unfair to most students.


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