Stow vs. Solon at Infocision Stadium

     The soaring streak from the tail of the Solon Comets could not counter the dominant streak of the undefeated Bulldogs.

    It was a frigid night in Infocision Stadium, where the second round of the OHSAA Division I playoffs took place between the local Stow Bulldogs and the Solon Comets. The second seeded Bulldogs looked to extend their undefeated record to 12-0, but when it comes to the playoffs, it is win or go home, and Solon understood the slate was clean, and both teams were set on equal playing fields.

     The first half was something not seen yet by the Bulldogs as they were scored on first by Solon after a turnover on Stow’s first possession of the game. Solon attempted a two-point conversion, but fell short, giving them a 6-0 with 4:36 to go in the first.

     With time running down in the second quarter, sophomore Isaiah Gray provided the Bulldogs with a timely interception, that senior kicker Garrett Rigby was able to convert into three points to end the half with a score of 6-3 in favor of Solon.

    In the third quarter, senior Monte Board gave the Bulldogs another interception, this time resulting in a 29-yard touchdown run by senior running back Jayson Gobble with 8:24 to go in the third quarter. The Comets responded with a field goal with 2:36 to go, after an interception thrown by the Bulldogs, resulting in a 10-9 score in favor of Stow.

    The ensuing kickoff provided a second chance opportunity for a name not spoken much of this season, but destined to be soon. Sophomore Terrian Wray took the ball 97-yards to the house to extend the Bulldogs lead to 17-9. Even crazier is the fact that this was Wray’s second house call of the night, as he also took the opening kickoff to the end zone, but was called back for a penalty by Stow. The third quarter ended with a score of 17-9, Stow owning the lead.

    Solon scored 6 minutes into the fourth quarter, but failed yet again to tag on the two-point conversion, leaving them trailing the Bulldogs 17-15.

    Stow’s defense came up big, as they forced the Comets to turn the ball over on downs with 3:20 left to go. From there Stow trekked down the field, eating up the clock, and eventually leading to Gobble punching in  a short run to seal the victory for the Stow Bulldogs over the Solon Comets with a final score of  24-15.

    The Bulldogs (12-0) are moving on to the third round of the playoffs to take on Lewis Center Olentangy, Sat., Nov. 21 at Mansfield Arlin Field starting at 7 o’clock. Students have the opportunity to take student busing to the game, as well as get their ticket for free, as Stow Booster Club with be covering the costs.


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