Speech and Debate hosts second annual Ultimate Frisbee Tournament

Flying discs took to the football field as the Speech and Debate team looked to crown the high school’s Ultimate Frisbee champion.

The Speech and Debate team held their second annual Ultimate Frisbee tournament on Apr. 25. The fundraiser brought in eleven teams, ranging from 5-8 players each, and a total cost of forty dollars to enter the tournament.

With a round-robin system of play, all eleven teams played against each other. They were then seeded, based off their amount of wins and losses, into a single elimination tournament bracket where only one team could reign victorious.

“Last year we raised over 600 dollars [for the Speech and Debate team], hopefully this year we will come close to that again. We have concessions and other various items being sold and so far it has been a big success,” junior Speech and Debate member Cameron Stebbins said.

The competition kicked off with four separate games going on at once. Ultimate Frisbee demands a high level of endurance and team chemistry, as not one player can control the whole game. Some teams were able to reach these demands and others fell to a flying disc dismay.

Teams that could not find their success on the field certainly could seek revival at the concession stand where they served, “drinks, hot dogs, memes and more,” as sophomore Speech and Debate member Mitchell Norman said.

In the end it was the Floopy Doo Dee Doo’s who arose victorious and won the 2015 Speech and Debate Ultimate Frisbee Tournament. Team members of the winning team include: Matt McCombs, Jordan Wolfe, Jack Wadsworth, Matt Levine and Kyle Austin.

Stebbins said, “We have had great support from the school and it looks as if this year’s turnout was just as, if not more, successful than last year’s event.”


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