Earth Day encourages people to make Earth a cleaner place

The one day of the year everyone gets together and helps make the Earth a cleaner place is coming fast: Earth Day.

In 1969, a terrible oil spill occurred in Santa Barbara, California. A current Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson, then came up with the idea of Earth Day.

The oil spill caused many students to start taking part in making the Earth a cleaner, better place than it was previously. Nelson thought if he could take the same motivation and have it happen again, it would be more successful than it was with the oil spill.

Nelson constructed a team to help promote the idea of celebrating the Earth nationwide. The main focus was to encourage people to get involved with cleaning the Earth even without a disaster occurring.

As a result of Nelson’s campaign, on April 22, 20 million Americans participated in cleaning the Earth. Americans gathered in streets, parks and auditoriums to promote healthy ways to live to help the planet.

Organizations against subjects like power plants, pollution of water and raw sewage all realized they shared common beliefs with Nelson.

After the first Earth Day, the United States Environmental Protection Agency was created. Along with acts like the Endangered Species Act.

In 1990, Earth Day went viral and over 200 million people in 141 different countries participated.

In 2010, participants were really pushed to the test. With pollution and total disregard for the environment at an all time high, participants really had to be persistent in their efforts.

Some countries and communities have deemed the week of April 22nd as Earth Week. In some places, the month of April is known as Earth Month.

People should care more about the Earth on more than just one day, week, or month and should really take more time to consider the Earth in daily life.

Earth Day was not created for people to just show love for the Earth and environment for just one day. The day was created for people to practice healthier lifestyles daily that help better the planet.


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