Seniors put the school up for sale

As Senior Survivor takes place, the participants have free realm in the school overnight.

Coming into the building on Thurs., April 9 brought a surprise to many students.

A photo of the flyer hung around school. This was a printout of the Craigslist ad.

These seniors had placed a sign outside, proclaiming the school “For Sale.” They also put the school on Craigslist and printed out the add, hanging fliers around the school.

Since being posted, the Craigslist ad has been removed.

The advertisement described the high school as “a very spacious and large vacation home in a boring city.”

The running price was $69.

The ad went on to say, “The odor is very welcoming in warm weather, and the ancient carpet is held together by the finest duct tape.”

This year’s senior prank falls under one the first to use technology in a creative way.

The seniors ended the ad with something many students found relatable: “we get closer to hell every day, which means good weather and tans.”


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