Dodgeball champions crowned

One gym, eight teams, and many spherical projectiles: all of the ingredients of a battle to crown Stow’s dodgeball champion.
The annual dodgeball tournament was held Feb. 11, 2015 in the main gym. It was a night filled with energy, loud music and for many teams, disappointment.

Student Council put together this year’s dodgeball tournament in hopes of another successful event, much like the last. Word must have spread, as this year’s event was a great success.

“This was by far a better turnout than last year. We’ve raised more than three-hundred dollars that will all be donated to charity, which makes putting the tournament together much more worth it,” senior and Student Council President Allie Laber said.

With three courts of grueling dodgeball matches going on at once, the action was endless, and the energy was intense, as teams rose up in tournament play and others were sent home.

“Everyone seems to be having a lot of fun. I like seeing how competitive and excited everyone can get during the games. I certainly wouldn’t be out there though,” Laber said.

The brutality of the game and simplicity of the rules makes dodgeball fun to watch, but hard to strategize a victory plan. Some teams had no game plan, which worked for few but proved fatal for many. The Purple Cobras were not unprepared as they came ready to play with a game plan.

“We’re just going to dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge, and we should be good,” senior Purple Cobras team member Andrew Groves said.

“It’s all about catching balls and dodging balls,” junior We Can Dodge A Wrench team member Owen Fankhauser said, after a clutch victory over Groves and The Purple Cobras.

In the end, only one team was able to rise to victory. The final match was set between The Purple Cobras and Mixed Blitz, and the winner would take home the title of dodgeball champion for 2015.

This year’s trophy went to Mixed Blitz, as they defeated The Purple Cobras in a

hard-fought match of dodgeball. Members of Mixed Blitz and the dodgeball champions of 2015 were juniors Joe Reitz, Alex Fur- long, Dakota Storm, Derek Bueno, Frankie Peck, Logan Emery, Joe Wheeler and Scott Swango.

“It was a tough fight, but we got the job done and got it all in the end,” Peck said after the final victory.

This year’s success will hopefully be surpassed by next year as more teams try to take the title away from this year’s victors and be crowned the champions of dodgeball.

Wheeler said,” It was a lot fun, definitely a team effort, and we’re going to come back next year and take it home again.”


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