Disney measles outbreak spreads across America

A thought to be “eliminated” disease has resurfaced and is spreading outbreaks quickly from country to country. Measles is a disease known as a “horrible, painful, bright red-raised rash,” and is more well known to older generations.

This disease was thought to be eliminated 15 years ago, but that has not been the case these past three years with little known cases, and now, major surfacing outbreaks. The recent outbreak has been traced back to cases in Northern Nigeria and Disney Land in California.

Measles is a skin rash known to start on ones waist and then spread to one’s whole body. It makes one itch and then when itched, the rash hurts and bleeds.

There is no cure or treatment, just a vaccine,.

Data from “World Health Organization” informs us that there has been a huge decrease of immunization in several countries including Canada, Denmark, Belgium and Spain, meaning not as many people are getting the vaccination for this disease.

Since there is no cure for measles there is an extra importance of making sure that people have received the vaccination. Sometimes parents disagree with childhood immunization because many people believe that these vaccines cause mental illness like Autism. The vaccine is not required for children, although it is well recommended. In fact, most children get the vaccination with their required school shots.

The vaccine for Measles was first available in 1963, a little after the first outbreaks of the disease spread.

Statistics show that in 1950, 319,124 people had measles. In 1960, 441,703 people were reported with Measles and in 1970, 47,351 people were reported with it.

From data of 2014, the Philippines had the most cases of Measles compared to any other country. A group of Amish missionaries who came back to Ohio from visiting the Philippines infected 383 people.

In 2014, there was one outbreak and 103 cases in the U.S. In 2015, there has only been one breakout in Disneyland, California, with little cases in other states in the U.S.

The outbreaks of Measles are currently taking place in Nigeria and California. It has been studied that the majority of these cases are in children of families that have not been vaccinated. With this data it is important to make sure that oneself has at least looked into weather or not they have been vaccinated.


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