Unidentified artist on the rise

The unknown can provide immense curiosity and excitement to many people. With the identity-less, upcoming artist “Who is Fancy,” the unexplained has started wide controversy.

The real question at hand is specified by his own name.

“Who is Fancy” released a song titled “Goodbye,” which is surprisingly being played on radio stations all across the country. Radios and listeners are all stumped with the unknown. Song introductions can only be made with this “Who is Fancy” persona.

Some are saying that he might be an already known artist, who is fooling everyone with this fake, anonymous identity. Music lovers, YouTube commenters and critics have speculations that it may be Ne-Yo or even Adam Levine.

The fact that the sound of his voice has not sparked an immediate connection to an existing artist has some assuming that he is an entirely new star.

One thing is for certain though, this unidentified pop-star has received great attention. The idea behind this phenomenon was a genius way to introduce a new song and receive a mass amount of popular attention in a short amount of time.

Soon the world will know the true identity of “Who is Fancy,” with the hopes that it will not be a disappointment to all.


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