Student Council hosts annual blood drive

By Lane Hedler

Source: Stohion/Liam Johnson

Cots and folding chairs were neatly placed neatly in rows, ready to intercept students, and a table was piled high like a thanksgiving cornucopia with pre-packaged cookies, soda and other metallic bags of junk food. With the Blood Mobile parked by the auditorium doors, the lower gym was turned into a pit stop station for students to donate their blood to the American Red Cross.

Senior Julia Ryan sat half reclined on a cushioned cot. Half-laughing and with a huge smile on her face, Ryan said, “I like feeling the satisfaction that I get knowing that my blood can make a difference. I feel like a good person and I am O positive so my blood is extra special.”

For many of the people donating blood, it is a good deed they frequently do, but for some, this was their first time donating, and volunteers from Student Council were eager to distract first-time and repeat donors from the discomfort that comes with the blood drawing process.

“I am about to shake off this cot,”  junior Jack Dotson said, mentally preparing himself. “This is the first time I have ever donated blood.”

Members of Student Council kept the event flowing smoothly with concern for both the generous donors, as well as the nurses from the American Red Cross. Student Council hoped that this blood drive would bring in a record number of donors, and the high school would donate more pints of blood than in years past. Details about the donated blood will come at a later date from the American Red Cross.

“You see that,” Senior and two-time blood donor Thomas Headen said while pointing to the blood flowing in the tube of his IV. “That’s liquid me!”


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