Children Enjoy Kandy Kane Express Festivities at City Hall

The Kandy Kane Express Holiday Festival hosted by the Dane Foundation came to the Stow City Hall Council Chambers on Sunday, December 7. The event featured a mini christmas tree display and auction, along with cookie,stocking and hat decorating. There were characters including Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Anna, Elsa and Olaf from Disney’s frozen, Kandy the Kandy Kane,the Ghostbusters and Rudolph made an appearance to take pictures with children. The festival also included The Elf shoppe, which had items for both children and adults. “I’m excited to see Kandy The Kandy Kane, and Santa maybe,” 11-year old Jenna said. The activities at the festival included cookDSC_0127ie making, stocking and hat decorating, ornament making and decorating.  The cookies were served and sponsored by Smith Dairy. Each activity cost a certain amount of tickets, and all the proceeds went to the Dane Foundation. To get into the festival, patrons were asked to make a donation of everyday toiletry items which included shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste, paper towels, etc. All items and donations went to the Dane Foundation. The Dane Foundation tends to the unique needs of individuals with physical and developmental disabilities. Families were able to become an Elf at the Kandy Kane Express Holiday Festival. The festival also supports Project Elf. Project Elf is a fundraiser where families adopt families or individuals with disabilities and buy Christmas presents for them. The Dane Foundation also provides things that are not available through typical support services. The items include toilet paper, hygiene, cleaning, adaptive equipment and household items that offer comfort and enhance the quality of life. The Dane Foundation was named after Dane Edward Moser, who was born with multiple disabilities. His Cerebral Palsy affected his entire life, but he was said to never wallow in it and moved forward. Moser quietly passed away in August of 2009. Moser represents the successes people hope to have in their lives. His story tells of a young man who had overcome obstacles so he could inspire others. The Kandy Kane Express also supported Ms. Wheelchair USA organization on December 7. The Ms. Wheelchair USA  promotes glamour, self-confidence and community service, celebrating achievements of women with disabilities.  The Ms. Wheelchair USA organization was founded over 15 years ago as an Ohio-only competition, but has grown to national proportions in 2007 and is continuing to prosper The program provides opportunities for women with disabilities to show off their achievements and to educate and advocate others, while supplying a platform for community service and public decision. The program focuses on women’s abilities not, disabilities. The Ms. Wheelchair USA organization encourages professional advancement and require a public service. The program is not a beauty pageant, but has glamour, phases of competition including professional production numbers, entertainment and public appearances,  and with crowning on national television. The program is presented by The Dane Foundation. Lowery Lockard, President of the Dane Foundation said, “Project Elf serves five hundred people with disabilities each year.”


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