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Girls Lacrosse defeats Cardinal Mooney

The girls varsity lacrosse team continues to turn their season around after a rough start to their season.

Going into the game, the Bulldogs had a record of 2-6. Luckily, by the end of the game the Bulldogs would advance to a 3-6 record.

“We had a rough start to our season however, we are working together to end our season on a good note,” sophomore Emma Workman said.

The Bulldogs had a successful night against Cardinal Mooney on April 18. The girls scored eight goals, resulting with a score of 8-1.

On both sides of the field it was an aggressive game in every aspect. There was a total of 6 yellow cards between both teams. On the Bulldogs side, yellow cards were given to sophomores Bayley Patterson and Hannah Kirmeyer. Along with the two sophomores, senior Haley Ballard received a yellow card.

Workman had a successful night as she scored 2 goals. Along with Workman, sophomores Grace Degan and Jillian Russell each scored a goal for the match. In addition, junior Jessica Loyd, and seniors Jemu Mangira, Vikki Kekel, and Mary Tressel put additional points on the scoreboard.

All in all, the Stow Lady Bulldogs secured an easy win against the Mooney Cardinals.


Students and teachers compete for best chili

Along with a big win for the boys basketball team on Friday Feb. 12, seniors Joe Reitz and Jonathan Cameron left the high school with the winning chili. 

The 2016 chili cook-off was the second year student council hosted this event. In this competition, each participant made their own homemade chili to showcase their talents. Each person tasting the chili received tickets to vote for their favorite chili. The participant with the most tickets at the end of the night would result in winning the competition. 

“The reason for having this event at the high school is to promote community involvement,” said Alex McMahon.

Reitz and Cameron will be rewarded with four Cleveland Cavaliers tickets, provided by Student Council. The money raised by this event along with any other function held by student council, 10% of the proceeds will go to Camp Quality. Camp quality is a year round support program for children with cancer. Student Council has raised over $3,000 for this camp. 

There were five chili’s that competed in this cook-off. The first chili was made by the Steve Buzaki crew, named “Buzz’s Bomb Chili.”

“My favorite chili was senior Kristen Buzaki’s chili, but they were all really good. I think it was a fun and different event to have during the basketball game,” said sophomore Audra Greavu. 

The second chili was made by Sherry Vitone, a speech pathologist at the high school. Vitone named hers “The Sweet Vegan Chili.” The sweet vegan chili consisted of onions, peppers, and a special ingredient of brown sugar. 

The third chili was cooked by a chemistry teacher at the high school, Dean Kinkoph. Kinkoph named his chili “The Chipotle Chili.”

The fourth chili was cooked by a calculus teacher at the high school, Adam Harder. The name of his chili was “The Harder Pork Chili.”

“I thought the chili cook-off was very fun, and we had a pretty good turn out. My personal favorite chili was Harders,” said sophomore Sophie Perez. 

The winning chili was named “JJ’s Chili” cooked by Reitz and Cameron. 

Since the chili cook-off ended in success, student council seeks to continue this event in the following years.