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Second GOP shifts the polls

    On Wed.,  Sept. 16,  the second Republican debate took way. The moderator Jake Tapper laid out the debate rules: The candidates would be questioned and would have a chance to respond if they were criticized in an answer.

    The debate started off heavy with questions and comments directed to Donald Trump, with the

debate continuing on Trump was quiet when the questions on foreign policy arose. On the other hand

Marco Rubio came in strong in opinion of what the nation’s leaders should do with foreign policy.

    Carly Foirina shined during this debate which was good seeing that she was not invited to the first

Republican debate. Foirina stood her ground and at one point fired a comment back at Trump about what

the American women heard from him earlier in his campaign.

    On the other hand, Ben Carson failed to successfully bring his game to this debate. Carson was

quiet and often times more conservative in his answers then he was in the previous debate. Carson will

most likely go down in the polls after this debate.

    The next Republican debate will be held on Oct. 28, on CNBN at the University of Colorado.

Concerns grow over newly parasite discovered from contacts

A new and current concern for many teens and young adults who wear contacts is a rise in parasites growing in eyes.

A simple eye infection from leaving contact lenses in too long can lead to a parasite in the eye.

18 year old Jessica Greaney first went to the hospital in April complaining about her painfully swollen left eye. Doctors believed the swollen eye might have been caused by herpes, but they clamped her eye open and scraped a layer from her eyeball and found a parasite was growing within her eye.

With all this to say, doctors say that by cleaning and taking care of your contact lenses more you can prevent the possibly growth of parasites in the eye.