Trans Day of Visibility – Ivory Herman

Trans Day of Visibility is a day to celebrate transgender people and raise awareness on the discrimination that transgender people face on a daily basis. Trans Day of Visibility is on March 31, 2023, and it is an annual celebration for the trans people who have made a difference in this world. 

     Senior Moz Taylor shares his experience with Trans Day of Visibility.

     “Some may see it as something to celebrate and some may not; it’s just like any holiday or observation. What makes it special is that every trans person is different, so there’s many different ways to see it. A great way to celebrate it is to recognize that every trans person goes through a different process,” Taylor expressed. 

     Being transgender is a unique experience within itself and not to add everything else that a person goes through while being a human. Things can be hard, especially when someone feels they have been born in the wrong body. 

     Taylor went on to describe how they feel about trans representation in the media. 

     “They are represented well sometimes and sometimes not. Some representations are well thought out and accurate while others go against all the progress made in the past. What people focus on the most is the bad and not the good which it should but the opposite,” Taylor shared. 

     Senior at Twinsburg High School, Lauren Cohen, shares her experience with how to be a better advocate for trans people. 

     “I think the most important thing we can do is listen to people’s experiences and share them when we can. Education is at the core of advocating. By spreading awareness of what life as a trans person is actually like, society can better know how to support this group of people as well as what stereotypes and misconceptions need to be broken,” Cohen said. 

     Cohen shared something super important about how advocating has the core of education. Education stems from wanting to teach people how to be more well rounded, and for trans people, that is the best thing others can do. 

     Cohen carries on with the questions she has for trans people to try and get to understand their experience better than before. 

     Cohen explained, “I think, at least for me, it would be most helpful to ask what the biggest misconceptions transgender people face are. I would also want to ask when they felt a shift in their identity, if there even was a shift or if they always knew they were born in the wrong body. Finally, I would ask what it felt like to finally look the gender that they know they are if they went through that process.” 

     Many people have the wrong idea of what transgender people go through, and this generation is going to change the stereotypes that have been shoved into society about this group of people. 

     Cohen wraps up her thoughts with how we can spread awareness on Trans Day of Visibility. 

     “Everyone’s story is important, and those who have an influential voice in society or the media need to give these marginalized people a louder voice. For Trans Day of Visibility, speaking up for trans rights and educating ourselves on the issues that transgender people face will spread awareness for the importance of trans people,” Cohen added. 

     Trans people and their accomplishments have made history and making those experiences known is something that can share the real and raw experience of those who have been hidden away in the past. 

     Junior at CVCC, Kayden Hayes, explains his opinions on why Trans Day of Visibility is so important.  

     “Trans Day of Visibility is so important because it highlights the achievements in the trans community, and it goes into how trans people have changed so much in our society,” Hayes stated. 

     The achievements of the trans community are definitely an important part of our history, and during Trans Day of Visibility is a great time to educate others about such history. 

     Hayes continues with how the stereotype of trans people has changed over the years. 

     “Over the years the topic of transgender people has become less taboo, and has given people the opportunity to express themselves the way they want to. There has been more representation in the media, yet it can always be better,” Hayes expressed. 

     Representation in the trans community is as important, if not more, than any other community. It gives trans people the opportunity to see themselves within situations and gives them the feeling that they are not alone within the things they struggle with. 

     Hayes finishes with how people can make trans people feel more comfortable in their own identity. 

     “Always ask politely someone’s pronouns instead of assuming their gender. That’s how you can be a better advocate for trans people,” Hayes shared. 

     Advocating for trans people is definitely the most effective way to support them especially on Trans Day of Visibility. There are multiple ways to support trans people and every way is an important way as long as it is done the right way.


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