Boys Baseball – Jocelyn Maag

  Boys baseball is swinging their way into a great season this year, while having practices in three locations.

     Sophomore Nick Hosey is a returning member of the team and plans to return next year as well. 

     “Stow baseball officially starts on March 20,” Hosey said. 

     According to team members, they have been practicing for a while and are excited for the new season.

     Hosey said, “Practices take place at three different places: here at the highschool, Kent State University and Stow Youth Baseball Hall.” 

    Many of the boys also feel a sense of unity within the team and when asked about his teammates, all he has to say are good things.

     Hosey also has much respect for the coaches this year, and all of the coaches play a respective role in making the team a safe place for their teammates.

     Hosey said, “The coaches are Coach Debord, Coach Hackim, JV Coach Flatt, Coach Sobey, and freshman Coach Shoff. They are great respectful coaches who just want to get the job done.”      

    Hosey and the other players are looking forward to a winning season and just having fun. 

    Hosey commented, “I love being a part of the team, hanging out with the guys and making a difference.”


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