St. Patrick’s day

St. Patrick’s day is celebrated worldwide on the 17th of March each year. It is a religious and cultural celebration among the Irish communities. It is also celebrated in many countries across the world, remembering Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick. states that St. Patrick’s day is a joyous celebration of Irish heritage, culture, and more historically, the bringing of Christianity to Ireland. The tradition of going to the pub, wearing green and putting on parades came much later in its history, as it first started as a religious feast in the 17th century.

     An iconic symbol of St. Patrick’s day is the shamrock, and everyone wears the color of the shamrock on this day. The shamrock is the Irish national plant, and according to, it is also a representation of the Christian trinity. Public celebrations include parades and festivals, wearing green attire. People also attend special masses or services at churches. Feasts featuring Irish food and drinks, mostly of green colors, are part of their celebration. says most people in America do not know the significance behind this day and just wear green and think of catching the leprechaun. Testing the students of the high school on how St. Patrick’s day originated seems like a good idea, and if they do not know much about it, educate them so they can be aware of the significance.

     A student who wanted to remain anonymous shared how much they knew about St. Patrick’s day. They were asked if they celebrate St. Patrick’s day and what they do. 

     “I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day, unfortunately,” said the student.

      Most people do not think St. Patrick’s day is as important as the other big holidays, so no one pays attention to it. 

     Students were asked to share how much they knew about how this holiday came about and originated. 

     “I know nothing at all,” said the student.

     Sophomore, Isabella Weber seemed to know more about St. Patrick’s day than others: “It’s an Irish holiday, and that’s all I know about it.” 

     They were asked what they thought about the four-leaf clover, and if they thought it was a myth. 

     The anonymous student replied, “Well, I mean I think it’s a myth.” 

     Weber stated her thoughts on it: “I don’t think it’s a myth. I feel like it’s a real thing.” 

Students who were interviewed seemed to not know much about St. Patrick’s day, and that’s okay but people should become a little more educated on the holiday considering they could have friends or family members with Irish heritage. 

     Altogether, people should become educated about the holidays they celebrate because these are what brought this world to where it is today, and without these things happening, holidays would not be celebrated the way they are today.. 


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