Brick House Review- Courtney Katzenmeyer

Brick House Tavern is a restaurant in Cuyahoga Falls. It’s across the street from Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and is easy
to find. The great food and customer service would keep us coming back.
The inside of the restaurant is cozy. They have lots of different seating choices, including couches, high tables,
bar seats, booths, and normal tables. They also have a nice wood fireplace right when you walk in that keeps the
place nice and warm. We sat on a couch and it was honestly very comfy to sit at.
The food came out quite fast and it was delicious. We also tried their mozzarella bricks and they tasted amazing.
Courtney Katzenmeyer got the mac and cheese. She thought it was really fresh tasting. The cheese sauce wasn’t too
heavy and there was just the right amount on the mac and cheese. The noodles weren’t normal noodles you would
find in mac and cheese. The noodles were really unique and Courtney enjoyed them more than normal mac and
cheese noodles.
Ava Turner got the bacon mac burger and she thought it was delicious. The burger was a bit big so she had to cut
it in half. When she picked it up some of the mac and cheese fell off the burger. She also got the homestyle chips and
ranch as a side and thought they were really good. She described the ranch as tasting homemade and went great with
the chips.
Ava Loeffler got the farmhouse style burger and fries but the egg in the burger was dry. The fries had a nice
seasoning and paired really well with the ranch. She thought the ranch tasted really fresh. The bun was crispy,
buttery and went wonderfully with the burger.
Not only was the food good but the service was immaculate. They made sure you were doing good frequently.
The customer service was one of the best we have experienced so far. We got our food quickly and not to mention
the managers were even asking us how we were doing which we think is important for managers to be engaged with
their customers.
We would definitely recommend the Brick House Tavern. The food and customer service was amazing. We
would go back again if we had the choice.


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