Mario kart- aether

A beloved game made by Nintendo coming to Stow High School in the form of an exciting single elimination bracket style tournament hosted by the student council.

Mario Kart is an exciting racing game starring a cast of well loved Nintendo characters racing through complex maps. Lilia Baker, one of the students helping to set up this exciting event said that “We picked Mario kart because it was something new and different that we were certain people would be interested in!”.

Open to all highschool students at Stow in the library the student council hopes that this will be an exciting event going outside the general events.

Alongside the exciting event there will also be some surprise prizes for the winners adding an extra layer of excitement to the event. There is a sign up cost of only five dollars but Lilia says “It will be used for more student council events like Mario kart that benefit the school and students. Everything is poured back to the school and community” when asked about where the money made will go.

With a turnout of 28 people last time and Lilia hopes for there to be a good turn out again she said that she is most excited to watch and see who wins and to see students enjoying a well beloved game across the world.

Overall the tournament will be both a fun and exciting event enjoying Mario Kart with fellow students but also the chance to win gift cards is always exciting, The student council hopes to see you there!”


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