Toxic Relationships – Caitlin Erskine

When high schoolers hear the word “toxic,” nine out of ten times, the first type of toxic relationship they think of is a romantic one. This is not the only one. It is important to acknowledge that there is more than one type of toxic relationship and to know what a toxic relationship is. Daphne Senecal, senior, uses her own words and experiences to define what a toxic relationship is. “A toxic relationship is, to me, any signs of disrespect or any negative things that go above and beyond the norm,” Senecal stated. It can be difficult to determine who is in an unhealthy relationship by just glancing at someone. Looking for signs can help someone realize what is going on. Beyonce feels that it is important to knoe and share some of those signs.There are many signs which point to a
toxic relationship. Noticing them can save someones life, so pay attention to them. “Feeling drained and that you are hurt either physically or emotionally all the time, because of that person,”
Anonymous commented. Being in a relationship does not mean that someone has to change who they are to make the other person happy.
They should accept and appreciate their artner for who they are.
Dillion Rogers, freshman, understands the seriousness of a healthy mind set and how a toxic relationship can damage that mental activity.
“It can make them sad, depressed or angry,” Rogers said.
Having these emotions in life is not a bad thing. They should be considered bad when they increase the negativity of someone’s thoughts. These emotions can also be signs of depression and anxiety, so it is imperative to be careful when talking to someone. “I’ve seen some physically hurt themselves others I have heard of worse. I know their mental state is not always the best when you’re in relationships and I try to help them realize to not do those things,” Senecal expressed.
Toxic relationships can make ones negative mental state spread like wild fire. If not delt with cautiously, it can burn.
Although difficult, it is not impossible to avoid being sucked into an unhealthy relationship. “Know your selfworth at the end of the day, becauseI feel if you are able to have self worth, then you can walk
away from that person,” Anonymous relayed. In any situation, knowing your own value is important. It can help you ace an interview, make new friends and just in general build your self-confidence. It is okay to put yourself first, but being in a healthy relationship, itself, can be a confidence bost. If chosen to be in one. “When both people are open and honest and can talk to each other without having to hide the truth,”Rogers declared. People always say the other people can change. Some say that a toxic relationship can turn into a healthy one.
“It depends on if the person choses to change and actually through with it,” Senecal explained. In a healthy relationship, both sides should be happy and balanced. It should not be one person controlling
everything. It should not be my way or the highway. If it is, tell someone, ask for help. No one says that you have to
do this alone.


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