SKIP Park to be rebuilt

Alexa Thomas / Staff Writer

…continued from the print edition of the Stohion

     Freshman Aya Abbas used to visit SKIP’s Playground when she was younger. She discussed her memories of the experience. 

     “Every time I left my house when I was younger, I would ride my bike to SKIP Park and play there 24/7,” Abbas stated. “I could ride my bike or walk there, and it was always so fun to go. I was really sad when they took it down, but I’m so glad they’re reopening.”

     Abbas claimed that the only thing she did not enjoy about the old SKIP Park was it was only made out of wood, so she was more prone to splinters, and she would hurt her foot occasionally. She didn’t find it safe enough, and she hopes the new upcoming SKIP’s Playground will be much safer than the one previous. 

     Mayor Pribonic introduced the final footprint and equipment selection that was decided upon.

     “The new SKIP Playground components and amenities were ordered. Expected delivery of equipment is June 2022, and then, installation of the playground will take approximately 4 to 6 weeks.” 

     Prior to COVID-19, the administration had managed to acquire an estimated amount of $275,000 in pledged private donations for the project. As a result, Mayor Pribonic and the administration, along with the assistance of others, managed to raise a total of $656,000. 

     Abbas stated her feelings and input of the new SKIP Playground project.

     “I feel very happy and excited for SKIP Park to open back up again because it’s very close to my house, and I can take all my siblings. SKIP Playground was a very fun place to go, and I hope this new one will continue to be a nice and new environment for my family to enjoy, and I think parks are always fun to go to in general,” Abbas said.

     Abbas claimed she was in high spirits for the next park to reopen, and she is glad that the younger kids get to experience what she had when she was a child and begin to gather like she and her friends used to.

     “I hope all the little kids and my neighbors come back again and have a great time. I hope the park will be built more professionally than it was before, and I can’t wait to see it,” Abbas stated.

     SKIP Playground lives in the hearts of many and will continue to live in the hearts of more as the new and improved SKIP Park will be officially constructed in summer 2022. 


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