Masks at Homecoming

Avy Motz / Staff Writer

With Homecoming approaching, many people are wondering what the requirements for masks will be while at the game and dance. While many people have strong opinions on the matter, it is considered a controversial topic.

     Students do not want to wear masks at Homecoming, but understand why they are necessary. Students claim that the masks are uncomfortable and reduce movement, but they tend to agree they should be required in order to prevent further COVID-19 spread.

Sophomore Dakota Starnes described her opinion on wearing masks at Homecoming.

     “I don’t want to…  I feel like at the dance you will be hot, you will be sweaty, and wearing a mask would be uncomfortable [at Homecoming],” Starnes said. 

    Many students would also understand if masks were mandated, despite the fact they would be very uncomfortable to wear. 

Sophomore Ben Bordonaro explained why he thought people should wear masks at Homecoming.

     “There are definitely different variants of COVID-19, and we will be within 6 feet of each other,” Bordonaro stated. 

    Masks may cause discomfort at Homecoming, but they are necessary in order to keep everyone safe and healthy, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Starnes noted her plans if the masks are required for Homecoming.

     “Doing exercise while wearing a mask will be uncomfortable,” Starnes added. “If masks are enforced, it will make it more uncomfortable. I will still go, though.” 

    High school officials announced on Sept. 14 they will be requiring masks at the Homecoming dance, as well as getting a waiver signed by parents.


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