Lil Uzi Vert: New Album Review

Brianna Doctor     

     For over a year now, Lil Uzi Vert fans have been waiting for the popular artist to drop his much anticipated album. Finally, on Fri. March 6, Uzi Vert released Eternal Atake

     With sixteen new songs and two previously released songs, “Futsal Shuffle 2020” and “That Way,” Eternal Atake runs a little over one hour total. 

     The album has only one feature, and the only artist featured on the album is Syd on the song “Urgency.” 

     Lil Uzi Vert has taken over the charts as sixteen out of his eighteen songs are in the first twenty out of fifty top hits on Apple Music. As for Spotify, fourteen of his songs are in the first twenty out of two hundred hits.

     Although Eternal Atake has taken over music apps globally, there was mixed reviews about the album. Many people loved the long awaited album, while others felt the album was not the best. 

     Senior Jay Singh was very excited to listen to Lil Uzi Vert’s new album, but although he ended up liking the album, he was a little bit disappointed.

     “I really liked the album, but it definitely was not his best album. I think the album was really overhyped, but I still thoroughly enjoyed his album,” Singh said. 

     Some people did like the album, and senior Andrew Radigan believes the music was good.

     “I really enjoyed listening to his album, and I really liked it. The music was great, and I liked a lot of the songs.

     I personally loved the album. I thought it was very well made, and it definitely did not disappoint. It was different than his other albums, and I liked how he changed his style up.

     Even though he decided to try out some new stuff, and change it up, parts of his album were still like his previous albums. 

     I really like his song “P2” which is a sequel to “XO TOUR Llif3” on his second album Luv Is Rage 2. The beat is almost the exact same as “XO TOUR Llif3,” but the lyrics were obviously changed. 

     Next on the list of my favorites are “Homecoming” and “Prices.” Both songs have a good beat, and I also like “Lo Mein.” 

     Lil Uzi Vert released a tweet on Mon. March 9, and he told his followers that he would be releasing Eternal Atake (Deluxe) this weekend. 

     I would definitely recommend listening to his new album, and then listening to his Deluxe album when he releases it this weekend. 

     To listen to Eternal Atake on Apple Music, search this:

     To listen to Eternal Atake on Spotify, search this:





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