Disney Plus Streaming Service

   Morgan Vincent

    Disney recently announced that they have produced a new streaming service. Disney Plus is a monthly streaming service that is expected to compete with Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV, especially when Disney fans have been watching their favorites disappear off of other streaming services one by one. 

      Many people first heard about the news when Disney released a Twitter thread of every single feature coming to their service. With a lot of circling publicity, numerous people have already decided which movies they want to watch first.

      The platform has more than 600 TV shows and movies set for its first launch along with others on the way in later updates. 

      Disney Plus contains content from some other branch companies such as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic. All come included in the convenience of one platform. 

     The service has also announced that they will provide their own “original content and never before seen exclusives” which die-hard Disney fans might find worthwhile.

     At only $6.99 per month, Disney Plus falls on the low side of the spectrum for streaming prices. Yet, they have released that there may be more exclusive membership options in the future.

   With so many new streaming platforms and loads of special promotions other companies have already rolled out to promote themselves, many feel that Disney Plus is nothing special and that it just blends in with all the other releases they have seen lately.

      Although Disney Plus does not appear like a stand-alone type of subscription, many people are considering to purchase it in addition to their existing services. Senior Emily Kuntz already has many streaming services and is considering if Disney Plus should be a new addition.

     “It seems like a very good idea for Disney to do and could be very beneficial for their business. I already have Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video though,” Kuntz said. 

    The platform is not just geared towards Disney lovers. Many people have considered the service add-on either for their children or for some nostalgia of programs they grew up watching. 

     “I feel like I am a big fan of Disney, but only the old Disney. The new shows and movies don’t seem as good to me,” Kuntz said.

     The release date for Disney Plus is set on November 12. If the subscription does not sound too convincing, Disney is offering a free seven day trial for anyone wanting to give it a chance. 





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